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Happiness. Many a word has been said and written about this phenomenon. From ancient ascetics to astute philosophers to story-tellers to poets, all have been making attempts to find an answer to what happiness is all about. Past Saturday evening, I found the answer. I found what happiness is. Happiness is a step into the Crossword bookstore, […]

Dear Perceptive Reader, Rendered numb by the chilling pages of The Historian, a heavy volume of which stares unblinkingly into my eyes, I sit up at this hour of the night to scribe in words what my voice has failed. I would remind you of the year 1897, when Bram Stoker wrote his classic Epistolary […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Boss’ Day Out. One of my favorite activities at work is to leave my boss at his wits end and smirk wickedly. This was one of the rare occasions when he came to work early, and in another 30 minutes it would be time for our weekly Status […]

“Hey, you do something with this blog thing, right? So, what is this whole new thing about blocking blogs?” That was a question posed to me by someone belonging to the fast depleting Bloggera Ignoranta species, rather shocked by the sudden media coverage of the blog ban episode. For once, all those individuals separated by […]

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Mumbai Blasts.  I would smear my hair Saffron, white and green and whistle every time India won. Just like you. I would stand long queues to the first show of every new movie. Just like you. I would run from my math lessons and the […]

CNN/IBN cannot get over itself. In the middle of the coverage of the Mumbai blasts, Rajdeep Sardesai could not prevent himself from repeatedly reminding his viewers (and at one point, his reporter as well) that the images were being carried live on CNN world wide. He was practically salivating over the fact that one of […]

So, I drove…


With a chill wind cutting across the ears, I got behind the wheel. The instructor’s words directing my eyes around the controls, I pulled myself back to sit up straight and ensured my legs felt comfortable. Another gush of chill morning wind pierced through the open window as I gripped the fingers around the wheel […]