Jeepers and Bloopers…


I spent the last two days at Hotel Grand Ashok attending Microsoft TechEd 2006, the annual technology extravaganza of Microsoft. Two days of nerdy technical babbling, and lots of fun with my teammates recounting on all the inane and ridiculously obvious questions that many in the audience were posing at the speakers. Not to mention those blissful coffee breaks with a variety of biscuits to choose from, a grand buffet lunch that you just can’t help but drool and gobble, and an exotic dinner reverberated by a music show by Leslie Lewis.

I was glad to notice a digital clock counting down the duration of every session, enabling the speakers to keep up their timing. Microsoft did learn some lessons from their last year's sin of haphazard time management.

But well, Murphy’s law is a proven fact, whether you like it or not. And whatever be the magnitude of an event, bloopers are always here to stay. Here’s a load of some humor and bloopers I came across.

"If you have worked with Adobe Photoshop then you will find this very similar to it."
– during a demo of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

In other words, you copied everything from Photoshop, huh?

There was a session on WinFS, the next generation of Windows file system. The speaker was explaining how Microsoft works together with other companies to make their file formats compatible with that of the other companies. And there was this guy from Adobe to whom the speaker asked "So, what would you be looking forward to in WinFS?"

The Adobe guy replied instantaneously "Where can we sue you!?". The audience burst out laughing much to embarrassment of the speaker. But everything was taken in the right spirit though.

A bullet in a Powerpoint slide reads,

– We help you minimize the learning curve?

(notice the question mark) You asking us or telling us?

And there was this really interesting session on WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation). What was more interesting was the speaker. Sample this,

"Dabloo Dabloo F is the latest framework to manage workflows… okay?… it helps you take key bisiness decijons… okay? and it integrates with Vizual Studio.. okay?…"

Okay!! And in case you were wondering, he does work for Microsoft.

The same interesting guy was answering a question from someone in the audience.

Question: But, how do we decide if we need to use a sequential workflow or a state-based workflow?

Answer: If you want to use a sequential workflow, then you should think in a sequential way. Otherwise, use state-based workflow.

No comments.

Here’s the God of all bloopers – The guy who helped himself to a sound sleep sitting on his seat within the cozy comforts of the Air Conditioned hall, even after the session got over and everyone went out for coffee. After some awkward minutes, when a volunteer finally walked in and woke him up to reality, he woke up with a knee jerk stared ominously at his predator, circled his head around gaping clumsily at the empty room and without another word hurried outside.

Do realize that his company has paid an entry fee of 6,000 bucks to send him to this event and he makes maximum use of it.


8 Responses to “Jeepers and Bloopers…”

  1. :-) I would have asked somebody to wake me up to avoid an embarassing situation.. ;-)

  2. Speaker at the WWF must have been a delight! Interesting!

  3. 3 mahen

    So, u too started catching all such Humor unnoticed!!! :

  4. 4 prat

    what intelligaaant questions!

  5. 5 prat

    I think i also meant answers and statments :)

  6. 6 Vidya

    Kishore ,you are tagged.

  7. 7 Hiren

    On reading posts like these, one feels obsolete when one observes what all is going on in the world.

  8. 8 Kishore


    He sure was… :)



    My next post will be ur tag…


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