Monday morning smiles…


This week's Monday morning smiles theme is Fun over the IM. Some irksome but funny conversation between me and a couple of my teammates.

One of them pings me as soon as I'm in.

My teammate: Hey Kishore

Me: Yep.

My teammate: Is Satish at his desk?

Me: Nope. He’s on leave today.

My teammate: What?

Me: He’s on leave.

My teammate: I’m asking about Satish Kodupalli

Me: Yeah, the same one.

My teammate: He’s on leave?

Me: Yep.

My teammate: So he hasn’t come today?

Me: I guess that’s what it means

My teammate: Okay

Me: Phew!


Another one wants to buy a computer at home and asks me for suggestions. Well, almost.

My another teammate: Hey, I want buy a computer.

Me: Good.

My another teammate: With all the fundoo features

Me: Like, you want to communicate with the aliens?

My another teammate: Well, er… not that fundoo.


4 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. 1 Vidya

    haaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa … “Me: Like, you want to communicate with the aliens?” Loved this line !! Reminds me of the movie “Koi Mil gaya ” where they use the comp to cummunicate with the aliens !!

  2. 2 mahen


  3. 3 sangeeta


    liking these monday morning posts

  4. 4 Kishore

    Thanks. :)

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