La Terrace – Ye Tastie…


If you think alcohol is the only thing that causes a hangover, then you are mistaken. S’s belated birthday party saw ourselves take up with 10 minute walk to La Terrace, my first visit to this place since it opened over 6 months ago. I was rather surprised by the amazing ambience of the cafeteria, and buying the 150 rupees buffet coupons we walked in to help ourselves.

I started with the salads – Gobi, finely chopped Beet Root, masala-mixed Tomatoes, a mix of Channa and some stuff I couldn’t figure out what (I’m still a novice in culinary activities), Papad, and hot Tomato soup. That done, I walked over to the Roti area and helped myself to a Roti and a Kulcha spiced up with Gobi Paneer masala, Aalu Baingan Makhani something and Dhal something and a Pasta-like creamy salad. Slurp, slurp!

So if you thought I was done, then brace yourself for what’s following. Basmati Biriyani mixed with that Aalu Baingan Makhani something, followed by curd rice. Spooned in 12 slices of water melon, two cups of Gulab jamun for desserts, and called it a game with two glasses of cold water. And walked out of the café barely managing to catch my breath.

One of the best buffets I’ve had in recent times. And a terrible heavy-tummy hangover resulted after that lunch and I walked back to my building flanked on either side by S and V and babbling something about how Chaos theory affects your brushing teeth at work (You see what I mean!).

Thanks to S for the party. Thanks to S and V for bearing my babbling. Thanks to the Chefs for the amazing cuisine. And thanks to my tummy for always holding up.

Updated on 14th June, 1400hrs:
A, returned from US and resumed work today. And we went to La Terrace to celebrate her return (just another excuse). Not surprisingly, the whole thing repeated all over again. But for minor differences. The Menu. This time the Subji items were Malai Kofta, Bhindi Pachadi and desserts had a salad mix of Pineapple, Water Melon and Pappaya. And oh, the Gulab Jamun was a bit larger in size.


13 Responses to “La Terrace – Ye Tastie…”

  1. 1 Vidya

    hmmm .. my mouth is watering !!!

  2. 2 mahen

    And thanks for managing with a relatively short post ;-)

  3. 3 sangeeta

    where’s my portion :(

  4. good, I read it post lunch otherewise, I would have been going green with envy.

  5. 5 srsv

    Some people are just lucky….

  6. 6 prat

    Long live A. May there be many more returns.

  7. Were you hungry when you typed this :-P

  8. 8 shub


  9. 9 Kishore

    Slurp, slurp.

    A super-duper long one is coming up soon…

    I ate for u too ;)


    I’ll pass this on to A. :)

    Whaddya mean? I was humpy bumpy loopy…

    Awww… Dont u worry, I’ll take you there..

  10. Well, normally people would think about food when they need it.. ;-)
    Anything for that matter.. :-)

  11. 11 Kishore



  12. Ha ha ha ha ha! :-)

  13. Awww…you sound like a kid describing all that!

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