These are the people WE have elected…


Karan Thapar interviews Sharad Pawar, Union Minister of Food and Agriculture on CNN-IBN. Here's an excerpt.

Karan Thapar: And you are saying that agricultural suicides are 15 per cent of general suicides. Therefore your ministries believe that this is not excessive.

Sharad Pawar: In a country of a billion people about 1 lakh commit suicide every year. It is a normal thing.

Karan Thapar: Absolutely…And if the agriculture minister turns around and says that farmers taking their life is a normal thing to do, you sound very unsympathetic and uncaring.

Sharad Pawar: It is not a question of being unsympathetic… there is not much change per cent wise in the suicide by the farming community.

Karan Thapar: Two months ago on April 11…you had said that in two months you would come out with a package to tackle farmer suicide. That period of two months is almost over…The package has not been announced. Why are you dragging your feet?

Sharad Pawar: Why should we announce?

Karan Thapar: [Because] The farmers are dying…

Sharad Pawar: Package is ready.

Karan Thapar: Mr. Pawar suicides are continuing in your home state and in the district of Vidarbha at a rate of two-three a day. You are not announcing the package. You seem to be in no hurry. You don't even seem to care.

Sharad Pawar: Package is going to provide money for irrigation. Irrigation project will take at least three to four years to complete.

And these are the people who will lead the country's future.


14 Responses to “These are the people WE have elected…”

  1. 1 mahen

    Well, this is what you can expect from a politician. India is in dire need of statesmen not politicians…

    Dont know if we get at least one.

  2. I hate Indian Politicians… Yuck..

  3. 3 mahen

    I hate Indian electorate too…

  4. 4 Vidya

    They escape so easily and they don’t even show any sorts of concern .Its a shame !
    Really ..Goverment shud have a policy that if the politician is not able to do anything about the promises he/she has made then he/she should be put in the place of the people who are suffering !

  5. 5 Kishore

    Thiyagaraj, Mahen,
    We need to blame ourselves for electing them.

    Thats the irony. Govt should frame policies against them. But, THEY are the govt!

  6. If there was a button for the “No-Vote” option, I think that most of us will exercise that option.. Especially when there is no one worthy to be at the top. But sadly, it is not a private affair as of now.

  7. 7 sangeeta

    we vote these people into power, and even if we don’t vote we too are letting them win .. *sighs* same crap goes on here too

  8. 8 Jax

    Thiya: Actually there is an option where you can say that you are not voting for anyone. But it isn’t a secret ballot. You will have announce it to the polling officer that you are not voting.

  9. No surprising from a politician. In fact, politicians all around the world are like Pawar. But the sad part is that in India, it’s these politicians who run the show. In progressive countries, on the other hand, politicians, don’t ruin their own nation, but let technocrats to run the country.

  10. @Jax
    Exactly!! That is what I meant when i said it isn’t a private affair! You have to sign and fill out a form to say that you are not interested to vote. People around will know of your decision. So, if there is a built-in button, then maybe people can chose not to. And there can be some rule like if more than 50% of the electorate chose not to vote, then the elections shall remain suspended(and president’s rule should be in force)… Though this is clearly not going to happen.. :-(

  11. 11 Kishore

    In (say) US, people do some wrong, but if their president does it they'll screw him (remember, Bill Clinton). In India, politicians do all crap, and if a citizen does it, he's screwed. :)

  12. 12 Kishore

    But a President rule cannot be a long term solution, right?

  13. 13 Usha

    Shocking that a minister like Sharad Pawar who understands the problems of agriculturing community would give such un uncaring response. Was he allowed to get away with it because the people who are affected are not the people who watch an interview by Karan Thapar? Would he have responded the same way had it been on national TV and in Hindi or Marathi?
    I think the affected people should stop resorting to killing themselves and should probably mobilise and make these representatives answerable through collective action.

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