O Draconian Devil calling…


Finally, Jax managed to book tickets for The Da Vinci Code for this Sunday’s matinee. And despite very ordinary reviews for the movie, I’m quite keen in watching it.

Well, I don’t see the reason behind people watching the movie expecting to see the same gripping interest the book held in them. It’s practically impossible to cover the 400 pages of a book within the tiny span of 2 hours on the screen.

A book has the luxury of the absence of visuals. You could just write about two people in an intense conversation for a hundred pages and still manage to retain the reader’s attention, but you can’t expect the reader to sit and watch two people talking for an hour in a movie. You think and create visuals in your mind while a reading a book, but you don’t expect to “think” while watching it on screen. A movie is characterized by the visuals, action and the ensuing momentum. And for the sake of this momentum a lot of sheen of the book needs to be done away with.

Take for instance, Jurassic Park. The movie may have pocketed three Oscars, but I would any day prefer the book to the movie. The Dinosaur visuals is what ran the movie through the box office, not the story or the amazing science behind it. But the book was all about the science and the story and evidently far more stimulating than the movie.

So, I’m keen on watching it. That is, if the insanity that has crept into TN, AP, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Punjab and Pondicherry doesn’t sink into Bangalore. Even as I write this, Breaking News lists these states to have jumped into a ban wagon and banning the movie. If a bunch of senior Christian leaders watching the movie at the Censor board and nodding for a clearance is not good-enough to run the movie across the country, then I wonder what is. Funny!


7 Responses to “O Draconian Devil calling…”

  1. Unwanted attention!! If its fiction, why are they so worried!? :-)

  2. Drat! I just read that news item.. I was hoping for it to release this friday.. :-(

  3. 3 mahen

    An idiotic ban…

  4. oh how boring

  5. 5 Kishore

    Just hope they remove the ban in TN soon.

    U said it!

    But not banned in blore (atleast as yet!)…

  6. You think they’ll revoke their ban!!? :-P

  7. 7 Kishore

    I can atleast hope.. :)

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