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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the movie, Titanic, but I loved it every time. The love and the emotions besieging the ill-fated ship known as probably the biggest tragedy of those times, and the exemplary performance of the artists did make me awestruck. But on hindsight, I wonder what was it […]

I spent the last two days at Hotel Grand Ashok attending Microsoft TechEd 2006, the annual technology extravaganza of Microsoft. Two days of nerdy technical babbling, and lots of fun with my teammates recounting on all the inane and ridiculously obvious questions that many in the audience were posing at the speakers. Not to mention […]

I sit with my laptop safe on my lap. Chevaliers De Sangreal playing on the Media Player. Lots of thoughts, ideas, news and opinions to write about. And I stumble on the infamous Writer’s Block. Trying to convert my thoughts into words and type them into my laptop, all I manage is the Phantom Words. […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Weird Questions. Some questions which seem perfectly logical but weird and wacky at the same time. This one, I’ve always wondered. When people say they are back to square one, what actually is the square of one? ——————–  Coffee time. A, was back from US and was having a taste […]

It had already started drizzling by the time I walked out of the building that Friday evening. Refreshed moderately after a drowsy afternoon work by the little droplets falling over me, I walked rather briskly into the cafeteria. The cafeteria was crowded as it usually is, with perceptible mood swings of a typical weekend eve. […]

If you think alcohol is the only thing that causes a hangover, then you are mistaken. S’s belated birthday party saw ourselves take up with 10 minute walk to La Terrace, my first visit to this place since it opened over 6 months ago. I was rather surprised by the amazing ambience of the cafeteria, and buying the […]

This week's Monday morning smiles theme is Fun over the IM. Some irksome but funny conversation between me and a couple of my teammates. One of them pings me as soon as I'm in. My teammate: Hey Kishore Me: Yep. My teammate: Is Satish at his desk? Me: Nope. He’s on leave today. My teammate: What? Me: He’s […]