Mani Bhaumik’s Code Name God


"We must believe in free will, we have no choice", the Nobel laureate and writer Isaac Bashevis Singer once said. He might have as well said "We must believe in quantum physics, we have no choice". Despite reading reams of pages on quantum physics including Michael Crichton's famed novel Timeline, this field has always left me gaping with more questions than answers. But despite its complications, quantum physics is probably the only Science that comes anywhere closer to explaining the nature of cosmos and its bonding with spirituality.

In Code Name God, Mani Bhaumik, the architect behind the technology that made LASIK eye surgery possible treads the less traveled path of attempting to explain spirituality using his scientific genius. But the book is not all about science and its connection with spirituality. Mani begins on a rather philosophical note.

From the beginning there was a touch of unreality about my life in the fast lane.

The book essentially divides into three parts. First, where Mani talks of his childhood life soaked in poverty and hunger. Second, where the author moves to the US as a researcher and becomes a millionaire in the process. Third, where the extreme richness leaves him contemplating on the more profound aspects of life and uses science to find answers to them.

Born on the mud floor in a poor village in Bengal to a father who was a steadfast Gandhian and a freedom fighter, Mani, suffered the hardships of dictatorial ill-treatment meted out by the British to his family. Mani describes the gruesome realities of the struggle made worse by a killer cyclone in 1943, when dogs feeding on human corpses appeared healthier than any human around. Indeed, when hell is brought earth, the dogs are more likely to survive than the people.

But the genius that he was, he found himself doing his Ph.D in IIT and eventually moving for a scientist life in the US. His work on the Laser technology gained worldwide recognition and from the days when he ate a small piece of bread torn into bite-sized scraps, he now hops into his Rolls-Royce and visits one of five houses he built with the bounty of his work on laser technology. Overwhelming with his immense fame and wealth, Mani begins to turn inward.

From this point on, we are treated to a wide array of scientific facts based primarily on the Quantum Physics theories that try to explain the spiritual aspect of One Source – the concept of One God!

Take a block of mud and arrange it into three different shapes – a triangle, a square and a circle. Now, even though we have three distinct matter that exhibit different attributes, the source of each of them is the same – a grain of sand. They are different, yet they are formed of the same source. Similarly, the world is formed by an energy particle called quark from which the universe sprang. This energy is all pervading and the order that underlies and enfolds all orders. And it is this One Source which we call by the Code Name: God.

Now, if you can understand that paragraph, you would understand what is behind all the complex jargon and complicated inferences that Mani uses to explain the science-part. Despite the author's valiant attempts to simplify the mind-boggling interconnections of quantum theory, a lot of it still continues to whoosh over my head. You cannot "locate" something that presents itself in a form you do not expect to see, even if it is right before your eyes.

Mani's explanation remains focused on "God", as in – the one source. But the concept of God is much more than the theory of one source. "God" is a phenomenon – a belief of an ultimate power and a vision of someone who thinks just like a human and controls this entire world. However, Mani does not delve into the belief and the superpower aspects of God. As a result, a lot of questions on spirituality remain as much unanswered as the theories of quantum physics would leave you rolling your eyes.

But it was also not sensible to hope that such riddles about universe, nature and spirituality which have baffled the human intellect since time immemorial would get answered within the span of a 200 odd page book. Having said that, riddles need not be solved to be enjoyed. And that's why I enjoyed reading the book.


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  1. 1 sangeeta

    okay i love your geeky babble and your intelligent yap yap but seriously this post was up to torture me na?

    let me read it when i actually get time :(

    no sleep all night either – and i didnt even get the cookies and milk one promised

  2. 2 Kishore

    @San: Come, lets go have milk and cookies, and I shall walk u home.. :)

  3. ok – one one condition u explain this in simple sanny terms :)

  4. Kind Atten: Mani Bhaumik

    Note: My dear spiritual briend, please visit my blog. You can see and eternal secret connected with Bohm’s implicate order.

    My article after reading your book CODE NAME GOD

    One can understand the space-time wonders of the universe only when the mind reaches state of zero. Zero state works like an empty cup. Only through this emptiness one can realize the infinite character of the electromagnetic vibrations of both inner and the outer. This state will never become slave to any forms of relative feelings of the inner. In this state, known will fly out of the window and hence every forms of unknown will become visible. Only in this identity-free state there is learning. Otherwise, there will be only preaching, but where there is preaching there is no learning because the mind will become slave to the known.

    Nevertheless, such filled mind cannot witness the great electromagnetic art of learning.

    This is what happening in most of the enlightened minds. This is my comment after reading the link that you sent.

    Dear friends, soon science will emerge with the complete proof connected with the great art of alchemy, salvation and its connectivity with the absolute. Nature is getting ready to declare the eternal secret connected with the CODE NAME GOD. So, please reach the zero state where we can electro-magnetically interact with the “Code name GOD”.

    The history of humanity has witnessed several ups and down in the minds of the seekers of truth. Some claim it is the matter that designs the human consciousness and they question the very existence of God. Nevertheless, some argue it is the consciousness that designs the matter. But the both materialist and idealist philosophies has contributed the energy to the very root of human intelligence. After the renaissance there was also dialectical flow in the very root of philosophy. Hegel emerged with the dialectical idealism. Karl Marx and Fredric Engles emerged with the dialectical materialism. All these progress has given enough input to human consciousness and hence we cannot split matter and consciousness as two different identities. One may question; which is primary, matter or consciousness? But why can’t we question the very root of matter and consciousness itself? How the matter or consciousness can become primary in this infinite universe? One may say matter is the product of consciousness, and then the question is arouses consciousness is the product of what? The day when we realize the space-time connectivity of matter, consciousness and space-time we will enter a new height. Matter and consciousnesses cannot exist separately. It is the product space-time and its inherent law of equilibrium. So, it cannot remain in a constant state. Since ages, both matter and consciousness dialectically moves based on the electromagnetic vibrations of the space-time. Here, space-time is connected with dialectical movement of the universal space-time. So, there is a need to master every minute movement of space-time instead of egoistically spending time, energy and money to discuss on matter and consciousness. There is God or there is no God is not primary, but finding a true ladder of Truth. Only then the humanity will witness another leap into the very root of nature’s eternal art of alchemy and its electromagnetic connectivity with the universe.

    Rig Veda says, “The restless swan – the human soul – is on the journey infinite to find out Truth”.

    Mani Bhaumik, the co-inventor of the laser technology wrote in his best-seller book CODE NAME GOD as below:

    “The late visionary physicist David Bohm conceived of something transcending zero and named it the implicate order, which consists of the concurrent existence of all potentialities in the multidimensional pre-space. He suggests material reality and consciousness are projections from this implicate order.

    Finally, there is Bohm’s assertion that the implicate order enfolds the entire universe holographically, in that every part of itself echoes much of what we have said of the cosmic genome; like the human genome, every stitch of the universe contains the blueprint of the whole enchilada. It should be evident by now that you and I are part and parcel of this implicate order.

    Since it is sensible to believe that something like Bohm’s implicate order does exist and is the agent of the universal potentiality of consciousness, then we may at last have found a ship that will sail us beyond the Big Bang, a story that will tell us what happened before “Once upon a time”.

    We have seen that there are solid scientific reasons supporting the basic insight of quantum field theory – namely that the primary elements of reality are the underlying fields, which we have learned fill all space and time. Physicists are close to proving that all these fields arise from a primary field. If true, it could be argued that this primary field, having spawned the universe, is now present at the very fabric of space throughout the universe. Would this field therefore be orchestrating the very foundational aspects of at least everything physical? Remember also Bohm’s logical notion of the implicate order, which can enfold the primary field and consciousness. Think about the cosmic potentiality of consciousness in pre-space, where all potentialities are presumed to be in quantum coherence, and it is reasonable to assume the feasibility of just one source, as envisioned by the world’s various spiritual traditions.

    We have to keep in mind that science is always a work in progress. Centuries or even decades from now, new vistas are sure to open up in the scientific landscape. It may then provide a better answer to the “why” question. For now, it is amazing that science is meeting the core of religion and that the two are stimulating each other, as Einstein believed they always would.”

    Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. –Albert Einstein

  5. 5 Rao Maharaj


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  6. 7 Arvind

    This book is nothing new. It’s a simplified version of fritjof capra’s ‘The tao of physics’…If you are new to quantum physics/relativity/unification ideas etc. this book will introduce you such ideas. Another book which teaches you such basic stuff is brian greene’s ‘The elegant universe’, but mind you, after a few chapters greene starts promoting string theory a lot and you might want to stop reading when you get to that point. peter woit’s book ‘not even wrong’ is another nice intro book to the ‘physics of the large and the small’. But the best stuff is at ( The audio lectures make a tremendous impact…

    All of this,perhaps if you are really interested in knowing the truth. Otherwise have some cookies with milk and walk home. The world will remain the same whether you make sense of it or not :)

    (I’m not a physicist by profession-but it is fun to learn read science anyday. I’m a computer scientist and like most proponents of AI, i disagree with penrose’s and bhaumik’s views about consciousness..But it is too early to argue and end up like ray kurzweil…)

  7. 8 nagapuspavalli

    respected sir
    i ve read little bit of ur book.i had got the taste of it as i am accustomed of reading osho books.sir me being an M.Sc(physics)andM.Tech(laser and electro optics) i want ur guidance for my carrier.kindly inform how to contact u.
    with regards

  8. 9 karunaa p s

    I have read this book with great interest. However the life of young Mani in his Bengal village, his birth, the social inequality and mindless customs that Hindu society is adept at enforcing which almost killed him, his struggle to overcome his poverty is more interesting than his spiritual quest and attempts to fuse eastern philosophy with quantum physics. God ispite of Mani’s intelligent argumets remain as elusive as before.
    Karunaa P S

  9. 10 purushothaman

    as I see the book has three parts, the personal life, the research of others-very tough to read and the yoga part; all three were interesting, I could relate myself

    I do non-formal research using body and mind as instruments into nature / meta-physics; Mani’s work confirms and gives me confidence, my work in tamil is available in google doc link I have to get for you

    a rare work, particularly the last chapter, simple to read also and to practice and to pass to future generations

  10. 11 Chittabrata

    I am looking for pdf link for this book. Please let me know where I can have this pdf.

    I am very interested to read this book.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Happen to read your article published under heading Why I’m not An Atheist.
    I would like to appreciate your thought of God, the one that is origin of world. If you are familiar with cerain mystics in Himalayan regions that materialise things from air by willing, if you assert the same then it will be possible for you to comprehend the powers of God. Now all the renown scientiest that are sensitive believe that they are not generater of knowledge but receiver from a particular resovior and the said resovior is but God. What we speak out, is but sound energy that is neither created nor destroyed it just evolves in the Cosmos the same sound energy return back as a thought energy. We receive particlar sound energy with a particular modification and it depends to which plane a persn is connected. We increasingly get what we deserve and not what we desire. Our karma determines the quality of signals we receive this is Cosmic Law and Gods Will. Why a worldly person does not receive celestial signals, for it being not preordained. Life after life we earthlings on this earth planet get into donkey bussiness either making or collecting payment, that is but happiness and sorrow; the wise relising this fact contemplates to find an escape from the cycle of birth and death; that is but God-Realisation. Here it is said God alone knows what God the Infinite is and words being with limitation have no reach to it. God bridges the gulf between the known and the unknown. It was ordained by God the Cosmos to get into touch with you hence the communication. By the way I must introduce myself I am metaphysicist, a genetic engineer and mathematician. If ordained thou will contact me or else not. Carry an even eye and see Narain residing all. May God bless you.
    Yours Truly

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  14. 15 Debjani

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