There’s something about the sight of a book…


Waiting just outside Higgin Bothams for a friend, en route to Commercial Street may not be the greatest of ideas. More so, as an indiscriminately compulsive buyer of books that I’ve been becoming of late.

My techie job gives me quite a handful that it’s always hard to allot time for reading books during the weekdays. And my core reading time lies in that period sitting in the pseudo-luxury of the bus commuting from home to office, which ranges from one hour to infinity depending on what the Traffic Gods of Bangalore have in store for the day. So, every time I step into a bookshop promising myself to only ‘look’ at them and not buy anymore until I complete the unread ones piling at my bookshelf, I unfailingly step out with one or two in my hand.

Higgin Bothams is not the favorite of my bookshops. But I found my legs involuntarily taking myself across the road and into the shop. The hardbounds and paperbacks peeping from a window somehow seem to be aligning themselves in a magnetically opposite charge to that of mine and dragging me into its fold.

Aesthetically lined across the aisles, the stylishly written titles, the scrambled music of the turning pages, the scent of the pages filled with infinite permutations of alphabets forming sentences that seems to have a life of its own, the extremely inquisitive exercise of reading the back-cover summary forming first impressions and the mysterious wobbling of my intestines the moment I come across a book of interest – there’s something about the sight of a book!

Well, today is going to be one of those Sundays I’m going to stay home all day. I’m not even walking to the library (the book one or the DVD one). And even as I look to moving my laptop off my lap the moment I click Publish over this post, I can notice Code Name God through the periphery of my eyes, lying just a few inches from me (and no prizes for guessing what my next post could likely be).

Incidentally, Code Name God happens to be the outcome of my intestinal wobble yesterday evening at Higgin Bothams. There is something about the sight of a book.


8 Responses to “There’s something about the sight of a book…”

  1. hmm go and post all the unread books to me for safe keeping :)

  2. 2 mahen

    It’s always good for people to write summaries of books they read… for the sake of my kinda poor readers… who seldom find time to read a lot of books… :)

  3. I am so hooked to the internet that all the reading I do is either online or the newspaper offline. I haven’t read any books of late other than shortened classics! But pretty soon, i’ll be moving over to your city! I’ll be quite free on weekdays! What would you suggest for me as a starter?? The length, width doesnt matter, as long as it is interesting! Any suggestions?? :-)

  4. 4 shub

    there is, isn’t it? :) hey I love the way tht book look…the cover! hope you enjoy what’s inside:)

  5. 5 shub

    there is, isn’t it? :) hey I love the way tht book looks
    …the cover! hope you enjoy what’s inside:)

  6. 6 Usha

    have you
    been to the tamil books section in higginbothams?

  7. 7 Kishore

    @San: Coming ur way..
    @Mahen: More soon…
    @Thiyagaraj: u gotta ask Xavier for reading tips.. he’s the book-man!
    @Shub: :)
    @Usha: Just wondering when did I last read a Tamil book after school…

  8. 8 sangeeta

    *san ducks* errm i didnt say chuck them

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