Monday morning, at work…


I stepped into the pantry to fill my sipper with cold water when I stumbled upon my boss, who turned around from the coffee vending machine with a hot cuppa sporting a wry smile. I was in one of those ominous Dilbertish moods and seemed to have found the victim of the day.

My Boss: Hey Kishore! So you had a hair-cut?

Me: Yep. And I cut it this short. It sweats a lot in this damn heat. And if it sweats, I would catch cold. If I catch cold, I would get fever. If I get fever, I won’t come to work. If I don’t come to work, we’ll skip our deadlines. If we skip our deadlines, management will screw us. They’ll question our time estimation, our feasibility reports, our market study, our revenue justification, our resource justification, our budgetary needs. We’ll become one royally screwed lot. So, if you notice, my hair-cut saved our project.

My Boss: (gaping awkwardly) Well, I only asked if you had a hair-cut.

I could feel the cold water gushing over my palm. My sipper was filled-up. I turned around corking the sipper and walked out of the pantry leaving him with stars circling around his head and giggling with my eyes wondering how proud Scott Adams would feel about me.

Who said Monday mornings were boring?


5 Responses to “Monday morning, at work…”

  1. 1 Minase

    Dude, Good one man.
    Expect ur boss to say “Kishore….. naaa never mind i swear i was not thinking anything” ;)

  2. Ha! good one!

  3. 3 Sangeeta


    you joke too :p

  4. 4 Usha

    I do not know what Scot Adams would have felt but I know one person who’d have been very happy! That tamil actor/director Visu. He is famous for such responses in his films.

  5. 5 shub

    hmm…not spared of ur kadi even when i’m far away in Singapore :p
    ps: remind me to never meet u again when i come to bangalore:p

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