The Woman – Four Short Stories


The Girl Friend

They loved each other. He asked her to be bold and he would take care of everything. He cheered her to keep his side, come what may. And then one fine morning makes an about-turn to say “I am not sure of anything” barely heeding her deluging tears. He calls her one last time to say “You know, I really want you to be happy. But my hands are tied”. As for the girl.. she continues to love him.


The Wife

He gave her everything. A colossal hilltop villa with a swanky porch and walls adorned with Picasso and Da Vinci, Platinum pendants, the finest mink coat, the classiest breed of a Pom as pet, and life term membership to the posh beauty salon. When all she needed.. was his shoulder.


The Mom

She cuddled him. She fondled him. She kissed him. She hugged him. She bathed him. She fed him. She slept beside him. She took him all around the town. She took his pictures and admired him. She smiled when he wiggled in her arms. Thirty years later, she continues to do the same things.. to her unborn baby.


The Grand Mom

He wouldn’t sleep without her bedtime stories. He wouldn’t wake without her hug. She wiped his tears and took him for a drive, every time his dad spanked him. She dropped him to school every morning and got his favorite cherries while picking him up every evening. And on the penultimate day of her life she badly wanted to see him.. while he was busy with her lawyer.


5 Responses to “The Woman – Four Short Stories”

  1. Made me think… A lot… Good!

  2. 2 mahen

    A post that really goes well with one of your definitions of your own self—a FEMINIST.

    Thaniya ukkanthu Yosippanungalo???? (as Vadivelu, a comedian, says in his own style in a tamil movie…ABCD… :)

  3. 3 sangeeta

    like the new look ;)

    hmm you do read some interesting book – another one to add to my list :)

    Hope your well sweetie, sorry kaam busy tha :(

  4. okay this was real



  5. @Thiyagaraj: Thanks to you, the post got lots of hits from orkut.
    @Mahen: :)
    @San: For real, through my finger tips!

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