Hyderabad, Neels’ wedding, and the Chocolate fountain…


‘I’m very happy to see you’, the smile on Neelima’s face even as she started saying those words said more than it had wished to convey. I shook her hands with all of my wishes, prayers and gratitude reflecting in that wide smile and brimming emotions that seemed to engulf most of my face. And after a few emotional seconds I finally turned around to look at Suhail, who was ready to snap up the overwhelming moment.

The Saturday had started rather sedately. Checking into a hotel in a city where you don’t know anyone or any place and the primary reason you came there, still almost 24 hrs away, there may not be too may options at your disposal. Come afternoon and there was some momentum. Out to lunch with Suhail and his sis and a lot of chit-chatting to go with that made it the perfect little afternoon. It was when Zarine joined us later in the evening that things really got a move ahead.

I’ve always admired Hyderabad for tenaciously retaining the scrambled beauty of medieval Moghul culture amid all the eye-popping technology growth that the city has underwent. But the saturday evening showed me, its not all about the medieval culture that is so appealing in the city as we made our way to Eat Street, located just beside the breezy banks of the breathtaking Hussain-Sagar lake.

The beauty of the sinking grayscale evening, a mild breeze across the clear waters of the lake, a chain of food shops ranging from Indian to Chinese to just-name-it and the four of us seated around a square table yakking on work, life, professional politics and a lot of intellectual yapping. The evening was a moment I can live any number of times. And topping it all was the delicacy of the day – Jujube dipped in a Chocolate fountain! It was warm, it was yummy, it was chocolate at its purest best and I soaked the Jujube meticulously ensuring there was not a part of it left untouched by the fountain. Oohhh!!  And that was as yummy as it could make the evening. The taste is still nibbling my taste buds.

And amid lame excuses of oversleeping and my barefaced blaming of Suhail for not waking me up on time, we stood blinking a few awkward moments at Neelima’s wedding the next morning. But it was not long before all things were forgotten and forgiven and we were back to the good old friendly emotions taking over the biggest minutes of Neelima’s life. A quick trip to IMax from the marriage hall, where we managed 3 tickets (thanks to that kind helpdesk lady in smart looking blazers) to 36 China Town despite reading ‘Houseful’ on the scrolling TV screens made for another memorable afternoon.

Gore badan pe ungli se mera naam Adaa likhna… I woke up this morning listening to some rather familiar tune being played on the Volvo even as it entered into the Bangalore city limits. A few minutes later I got down with the song still spreading its beautiful melody within the air-conditioned confines of the bus. And then I realized what was so nostalgically familiar about the tune – it was Neelima’s caller tune!


7 Responses to “Hyderabad, Neels’ wedding, and the Chocolate fountain…”

  1. 1 Vidya

    You write so well! well written!

  2. 2 sangeeta

    promise me when i get married you will write a beautiful post on my day too :)

  3. Well written!
    I was in Hyderabad for three years with Newstime of the Eenadu group. Newstime, a very good paper, has now folded up. When I landed up there in 1996, the first thing that struck me was the huge signboards across the city. For a newcomer like me that was quite impressive.

  4. Really well written!! :-)

  5. 5 mahen

    Boy! you changed the theme… looks good

  6. 6 Mahadevan

    In the last two lines, I see a touch of class, reminding me of a V.V.S.Lakshman elegant leg glance.

  7. 7 Kishore

    @Vidya: Thanks
    @San: :)
    @Pradeep: But what I didn't like about Hyd was the traffic sense.
    @Thiyagaraj: Thanks for the comment. And thanks for dropping by.
    @Mahen: This is the only other theme I liked from the prvious one.
    @Mahadevan: Thanks for the comment. And thanks for dropping by. I admire VVS's leg-glance, but when it comes to class, elegance and style my vote is for Mark Waugh.. :)

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