The daily routine, and a pain-killer…


A simple walk moving both your legs alternatively forward and behind, and moving your arms in congruent equilibrium with your legs as you walk, like the delicate oscillations of a pendulum. Effortlessly breathing in and out when you go around doing rest of the stuff you do through your day. Bending down on your knees to do the stuff for which you bend down on your knees. Turning your neck around to take a quick look at the guy who just seemed to have taken your name aloud. Looking down at the keyboard while you type something (I still don’t type looking at the monitor, whenever I tried doing that I only managed an illegible text of Greek, Latin and French).

There are times when our seemingly trivial weary routines amid the grinding of everyday life suddenly begin to appear incredibly priceless.

You just walk around, run around, jump around, talk around, do all sorts of things all around, and suddenly one day you have a bad sprain on your back and you end up losing all your mobility around your back and neck and end up looking like one of those Kings in those 60s and 70s movies who, in the name of being majestic, moves his entire body around just to turn around and look at someone.

Well, that’s precisely how I’m feeling now. Oh! And my back hurts! And just like those Kings do in the movies, sitting on the luxury of my desk, I turn myself in my sophisticated rotating-chair around by an arithmetic precision of 180 degrees, sit up straight and look at the guy’s face. After all, I’m being majestic. (Oh! But my back really hurts!). The incessantly tickling Iodex-like fragrance of some god-knows-what spray the doc sprayed on my back and the kerchief in my pocket still soaked with the water I spilt over while taking that pain-killing anti-inflammatory anti-blah-blahing tablet the doc gave me, doesn’t help any bit.

So much of cribbing just because I can’t move my neck. How often we take a simple presence for granted and wait for a loss to appreciate the presence.


8 Responses to “The daily routine, and a pain-killer…”

  1. 1 Vidya

    Kishore ,GET WELL SOON !!!

  2. 2 sangeeta

    your back also hurts? – comes let’s go rest on a sunny resort some place far :)

    well its the way of life na, until something is lost or taken we can’t appreciate it :(

  3. 3 mahen

    hmmm… aarambichuttaaanya…

  4. 4 Lioness

    Here is a warm hug if it helps! >:)

  5. 5 shub

    yeah so quit cribbing n get well soon:P

  6. Very true. We take so many such things for granted.
    What you said about bending so true.. I see so many people bend their back to take something, when it is always better to bend the knees and take it with a straight back.
    Get well soon, and take care…

  7. 7 Kishore

    Thanks for all your wishes..
    I’m up and running now… :)

  8. 8 Lioness

    I went to dayswork.blogspot by mistake and was like wtf is happening here!!! Hahaha! :))

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