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On the way to work A little peep out of the bus window, my eyes fell on a white Ambassador. And this was written just above its rear number plate. "My other car is a Porsche" ———————– At work Admiring the exceptional ingenuity of one of my teammates while we started going about writing the architecture […]

Based on a true story. I was in one of those ominously energetic moods when I met Alex and Kavitha for a Sunday afternoon lunch at The Tamarind. The conversation over the meal was typical with our usual doses of gossips when I made a casual remark, “Wonder what made Smita send such a mail […]

"We must believe in free will, we have no choice", the Nobel laureate and writer Isaac Bashevis Singer once said. He might have as well said "We must believe in quantum physics, we have no choice". Despite reading reams of pages on quantum physics including Michael Crichton's famed novel Timeline, this field has always left […]

Waiting just outside Higgin Bothams for a friend, en route to Commercial Street may not be the greatest of ideas. More so, as an indiscriminately compulsive buyer of books that I’ve been becoming of late. My techie job gives me quite a handful that it’s always hard to allot time for reading books during the […]

What do you get when you listen to one of the great writers, and an intellectual thinker of the present times in conversation with each other? The 75 minute audio of Salman Rushdie and Amartya Sen in argument is filled with everything from tiny bits of Sen's latest book to historical anecdotes to a variety […]

Jhumpa Lahiri's short story Once in a Lifetime was recently published by The New Yorker. When I first read The Interpreter of Maladies, what struck me most about Jhumpa Lahiri was her outlook on (what I would term) the Alien-Land phenomenon. It's the tendency of people to continue to obsessively associate themselves to the orthodoxy […]

I stepped into the pantry to fill my sipper with cold water when I stumbled upon my boss, who turned around from the coffee vending machine with a hot cuppa sporting a wry smile. I was in one of those ominous Dilbertish moods and seemed to have found the victim of the day. My Boss: Hey […]