Good Evening…


The clock slowly ticks past into the next hour, the evening sun begins to have its last few peeps over the orange horizon before sinking down to let way for the grayscale, the leaves sway mildly to the gentle breeze that makes its presence felt through the open windows once every few minutes, the concrete crusher resonates from across the road still working relentlessly since the time I had woken up to my complete consciousness earlier in the morning.

And I begin to show my first movements from what was seeming to be an eternal state of rest. A faint peek through my half open (or half closed, depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist) eyes into the time on my mobile phone (which helped me into my present stage of state of rest by not howling into my ears with its often disruptive demeanor which on other occasions we call “the ring”), revealed me that the moment of reckoning is finally here. And I realized this moment calls for some additional effort on my part to ensure my other eye (the closed one. Doesn’t matter if you are an optimist or not, the fact remains that the other eye is closed) also follows the path of its able counterpart.

So with some effort on my side and as some religious buff would say, with the Grace that helped me achieve this otherwise arduous motion of raising the lashes off the closed eye, I finally managed to open them out. My wide open eyes were now gaping into the infinite space. But this one was white in color. It took a while before the blood started circulating into my brain eventually sending out signals to the rest of my body and making me understand why the space was looking white. It was the bedroom roof, silly.

As more blood flows into my system, all the memories of the day and the past and the ensuing future came gushing into me. The first thoughts made me brim with joy as it indicated I’m on the first day of a long weekend and there are two more days to go. The next one reminded me of all the unfinished work that would be waiting for me, begging to be attended to. The third one added more to the list of pending stuff. And then there was the fourth one, then the fifth and then there was the great avalanche. Phew! Did I really have to open my eyes?

I began showing signs of my arrival back into the world of the Conscious Beings when I moved my hands in a motion sans any equilibrium but nevertheless balanced me into not falling off my place. But despite all the ensuing work reminders, the last couple of hours of the state of rest did enrich me with a tiny interlude to my otherwise back-busting work schedule. The interlude was good. It was peaceful. It was serene. It was refreshing. It was all-things-bright-and-beautiful.

And I learnt this little lesson. A quick afternoon nap never hurts! Try for yourself.


2 Responses to “Good Evening…”

  1. 1 usha

    Total heaven – nothing refreshes you better.
    Good post – recreated the feeling!

  2. you love baffling me with your posts .. :)

    if i shake you about daily then your blood will continue to flow and you will continue to be in such a happy dappy mood :)

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