Nostalgia and some realism


K got married. The hug that I gave him a few hours back is still feeling fresh around my arms. The fragrance of the garland he was wearing that permeated me while I was only too reluctant to let go of him is still stroking my senses. I could see a faint smile escape through A’s face. His wife did realize the emotions after all.

Past the days of relentless fun chatting beneath our desks in school when the class was in progress, past the days of our amusing mimicing of our school teachers, past the days when we taught each other math, past the days when we played cricket on K’s terrace with a green plastic ball, past the days we spent chit-chatting in that tiny room in the terrace in the guise of studying for exams, past the days when his mom made us my favorite Therty Pal (a milky cuisine) and we pretended we were studying, past the days of our immature ogle at the Sunday magazine pictures, past the days of those childish adolescent gimmicks that we shared a common passion for, past the days of eating bajjis at the tea-shop outside our college, past the days of limitless joking and countless laughter together, past the days of watching and talking cricket when there was an exam the following day, past those days when people knew where K was if they knew where I was and vice-versa, past all those unforgettable days when we learnt together and had fun together and thought together and grew up together, past all of those days here we are.. The 17th of April 2006. K found his better half in A. And his best possible half!!

A nostalgic happiness coupled with the pleasant anxiety of the future and an over-abundant joy of seeing K merge with his better half. Who said life was not interesting?

Today we may have it all in us. Years later, we’ll continue to evolve, continue to go our own ways. All of us would be married. Have our families to look after. Responsibilities galore. We would no more be the free flowing, care free, laidback, all-this-world-is-ours kind of juvenile that we were. But all the while, every beat deep down in our hearts, would continue to beat an equivocal percussion tuning the names of each of us. And that shall never cease. Atleast not until the heart stops its beats. A rare meet, an occasional call and an eternal thought becomes our new way of partying with friends. We may not be together, but still remain together. Always.

And when I finally let go of my arms around K, I poked at A “Promise me you’ll only let me see tears of joy in his eyes”. And she poked me back “Don’t worry, I won't even let him shed THAT tear”. And all three of us laughed heartily.

Wishing K and A an amazing life together!!


4 Responses to “Nostalgia and some realism”

  1. 1 shub

    beautiful! :) rare to see a guy express emotion so well :) >:D

  2. 2 Vidya

    Senti stuff ! Nice post ! Well written .I am going to India for my best friend’s wedding n May 14th !

  3. Good one. Just made me think of a similar incident.

  1. 1 கில்லி - Gilli » Nostalgia and some realism - Kishore

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