Chennai Travelogue – The fun day


With the morning still dark, I stepped out of the Volvo to be greeted by a swarm of auto-wallahs pushing against themselves in search of their first customer of the morning and a sudden smack of a gripping heat that slapped against my face. The latter reinstating the arrival of Chennai city. Splashing some water over my face at the Free-for-use Civic restrooms and refreshing myself from the 6-hour bus travel, I walked out nodding my head from east to west all the while to the relentless auto-wallahs who are but too seasoned to keep up their pursuit, with my continual east-to-west nods only becoming a warm-up exercise for my neck, rather than conveying anything of meaning to them.

Two hours later, with the mid-April Morning sun cooking our heads with all its potent force, I was jogging with V and M, beside the splashing waves of the Tiruvanmiyur Beach. Watching the white surfy water fill in the little holes left open by scampering crabs, we jogged through the scrambled blend of a sweltering heat and a cool ocean breeze. Not to mention, we were completely drained out when we returned.

I was still in my shorts when we drove off to Murugan Idly shop to help myself to idlies and vadas and a dosa (so much for a breakfast). Despite its conservative outlook, going out in shorts is hardly a thing of concern in Chennai. The restaurant serving authentic Tamil Nadu dishes was filled with people dressed up anything but traditional. And all the hullabaloo about not allowing girls to wear jeans in public is just another histrionic burst of self-centered politicos. The average citizen is far more sensible.

Off to Velachery for lunch with S. We drove through Old Mahabalipuram road, witnessing another of those classic contradictions that the country is overflowing with – to our left was the gigantic Tidel Park, a mark of the huge economic stride the country is making, to our right was a slum as grim as you could ever imagine a slum to be. And in between was the road that carried the Toyota’s and the Hyundai’s zooming past them with great speed.

A fun filled home-cooked lunch with friends is one of the most pleasant feelings in this world. The lunch at S’s place was no less. As the evening made way to the grayscale skies, we braved the Sunday evening traffic across Pondy Bazaar to do a few bits of shopping for V before the heat got the better of us and we jumped into our beds the minute we reached home. Another typical Chennai Sunday. Another memorable day with my chums.


5 Responses to “Chennai Travelogue – The fun day”

  1. V and M??? Kicha, why did you create a one letter acronym for our names :( Is it a secret not to be known by others ;-) ?

    Good travelogue.

  2. 2 Jax

    Yeah. How do I know the M you are talking about is the above person? I was expecting some Malathi or Madhuri… ;-)

  3. 3 Sangeeta


    any piccies of you in shorts?

  4. 4 usha

    mmmmmmmmmm. took me back to my chennai days. There is something about the mention of that city and all those places in the city that makes me feel so happy. I long to go there and go in buses and walk around like old times. keep dreamig about it.
    And then one day I actually go there, get off the flight and by the time the taxi crosses guindy and I am drenched in sweat, want to go back!
    That is my constant struggle with chennai – love it when it is far away, hate it when I am right there!

  5. 5 Mandie Sanderlin

    No Twitter marketing!? What’s with you man!

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