Stories of the past…


Memories linger like intermittent oasis in a barren stretch of a long arid desert. Stories of the past loitering through the thoughts, not failing to turn the thinking back into those times when inexplicable emotions ruled the roost.

There is not a way to wipe them out with a simple swipe of the forehead, nor is there a way to keep walking ahead as though the past were a tiny speck of dream. The emotions keep recurring within your sane self, reminding of what once seemed like a pleasant trouble. And you carry them all along looking up to the wind chilling your face to crucify the past.

Back then, those emotions were a stockpile of fantasy smartly camouflaged into a delicate twine that carried your dreams and directed your thinking, fuelling your newfound aspirations and piggybacking all through your everyday sights and sounds. Back then, those emotions were all that you ever wanted for your future. They seemed to teach you that every fantasy of yours is actually a new reality incubating itself for the sake of your future. And life suddenly seemed to have found new purposes hitherto beyond the grasp of your tiny intellect. They seemed like the only promises to live for.

Today, they remind you that life is a narrow stream that treads relentlessly between the contours of insanity and fantasy. And this in-between is what is called the reality. Today, they remind you that people don’t know what is good for them, they only know what they want. And you were no exception to this. The reality is the only perfection in this world, and this perfection cannot be adulterated by any jumble of fantasies or hyperventilating dreams.

But for all the things said and done, they tell you that reality is not a thing to be feared, but a thing to be embraced. But even before that, it’s a thing to be understood. And understood the way it should be. And when you get to understand the excellence embedded within the moulded perfection called reality, life is simple.

Life is simple. The more complicated you believe your life is, the less you know of your true condition. You are hungry or you are full. You are healthy or you are sick. You are true or you lie. You are awake or you are asleep. You are laughing or you are crying. You are alive or you are dead. Life is simple, when you learn to embrace reality.


2 Responses to “Stories of the past…”

  1. “Life is simple, when you learn to embrace reality.”


    i know what happened has hurt you but one thing is for sure its bought out your creative side again. I’m so glad o see regular posts again, most of your blogs tend to be far too complex for my mind but i still enjoy reading them :)

  2. Life is simple,People are not,Live life,Beware of people,Use your discreetion and be happy:) god bless.

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