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Good Evening…


The clock slowly ticks past into the next hour, the evening sun begins to have its last few peeps over the orange horizon before sinking down to let way for the grayscale, the leaves sway mildly to the gentle breeze that makes its presence felt through the open windows once every few minutes, the concrete […]

For my dad…


A gentle wind sweeps past me and sings into my ears tales of the kind time of those joyful years of you and me. of tender strokes to my cheek waking me every morning of your breath over my wound healing me for the moment of the tight hugs bringing sleep to my sullen eyes […]

K got married. The hug that I gave him a few hours back is still feeling fresh around my arms. The fragrance of the garland he was wearing that permeated me while I was only too reluctant to let go of him is still stroking my senses. I could see a faint smile escape through […]

With the morning still dark, I stepped out of the Volvo to be greeted by a swarm of auto-wallahs pushing against themselves in search of their first customer of the morning and a sudden smack of a gripping heat that slapped against my face. The latter reinstating the arrival of Chennai city. Splashing some water […]

Memories linger like intermittent oasis in a barren stretch of a long arid desert. Stories of the past loitering through the thoughts, not failing to turn the thinking back into those times when inexplicable emotions ruled the roost. There is not a way to wipe them out with a simple swipe of the forehead, nor […]

I’m just back from a trip to Thrissur and Guruvayoor. S got married and his marriage gave me more than a flavor of what a typical Keralite wedding feels like. In the wee hours of the morning, we found ourselves on a car from our Hotel in Thrissur, to Guruvayoor, the temple city 30 KMs away, and […]