What’s the big deal…


Do you ask the Bank guy what caste he is before he dispenses your money? Do you ask the milk wala if he is upper caste or a lower caste before drinking the milk he brings? Do you ask your boss if he is from a downtrodden community? Do you refuse to have yourself interviewed by a lower caste person when you are in search of job? Do you crib because some of the country’s top leaders are not of the same religion as you? Do you ask for the guy’s religion when he tries to lift you when you slip and fall in the middle of a road? Do you ask the doctor what religion he belong to, before he performs a surgery on you?

Then what’s the big deal with this religion thing. Why do people make such a big fuss over something when there are a lot other important things to think about.

Well, I was watching Mangal Pandey on TV and this beautiful song Al Maddath Maula came up. Rahman’s voice had a heavenly feel to it. One of the few songs that carries a spiritual feel all through the course of the song. The rising and falling intonations, the chorus, the percussion, the strings all amazingly blended in the typical Sufi style. I like the song for every bit of the feel it gives me.

And as the song started playing, I began to hum with it. And there was this elderly person sitting a few paces from me, who started giving me a long sermon on why its such a sin for me to admire a song that supposedly praises the God of some “other” religion.

With all the due respects, Mr.ElederlyGuy, in case you didn’t know, Music is beyond any religion. It knows no religion. It knows no caste. It can soothe a savage. It can bring you peace. It can cleanse your mind. It can vaporize your tears. It can transform your intellect. It can help you find yourself. Music is what feelings sound like. After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. And for God’s sake (whichever you think is the right God), please don’t pollute the divinity of Music with your simplistic thinking.

And even as I write this line, I’m listening and humming that song. In fact, the song is even making me forget I’m at work and shouldn’t be humming this loud. Now Mr.ElderlyGuy, go sue me.


2 Responses to “What’s the big deal…”

  1. It’s always shocking to find these attitudes. Sure, I know people think this way, but it’s still a shock.

  2. 2 Kishore

    Sujatha: Really was a shocker. Nevertheless, things are very gradually changing these days and change it must.

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