Mangal Mangala Ho…


You would have read about things in books. Watched in movies. Heard stories doing rounds every now and then. You hear all those twists in stories. You get surprised at the turn of events. You thought that was so sad for the star of the story to undergo such things. You thought he should have done that earlier. You thought he should have known better. And if you are the too senti kind, may be you shed a little moisture off the corner of your eye.

And then, not very long later, you get to realize that the star of the story was YOU. And the whole story has been happening around you. Someone else has been scripting the actions that you were performing rather unsuspectingly. You were a pawn in the game.

When you are confronted with something you would never ever expect to have encountered you do either of three things. One, succumb to everything that happened with you and just allow the world to do whatever the heck it wants. Two, just get out of sight from this world and escape into the confines of your own shell. Three, kick out your muscles, stand up, stare straight into its face without even a tiny wink and exorcise the demon out of you.

I chose the third. May God bless me.


10 Responses to “Mangal Mangala Ho…”

  1. 1 shub

    hmm…yenna aachu?

  2. Welcome to WordPress! :) happy blogging.

  3. 3 Jax

    How is the first option different from the second?

  4. *big hug*

  5. forget the past…
    future is waiting
    life is beautiful

  6. Its over and now You dont need to look back,we all learn from exp,Dont we:) and I am glad you chose the third option,God bless you.

  7. Sometimes it is better to be a zero than be the hero. The zero learns better resilience and evolves sooner. We all have to go through hardships and turn out better.

    I am not empathetic here because I dont think you need sympathy. What you need is warmth and a feeling that there are others who love you to whom you matter a lot.

    Kishore you were made for greater things dear… :)

  8. 8 Kishore

    Thanks everyone for your support… and hugs… I would need them… :)

  9. Not a bad catch da Jax. a tough customer who reads between the lines, which we fail to do… Kishore, nee oru badhil vachiruppiye… athayum sollu da… :)

  10. 10 prat

    I totally agree keeping this in context with the abstraction discussion we had a while ago..

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