One year. The search continues.


This blog completes one year today.

One year in the reckoning. A passionate quasi-emotional journey, still seeking an insight into the essential wholeness, completeness and the perfection of reality. A journey still searching to fulfill. Vacuums filled. But new ones searching to be filled. Longing wishes and craving emotions hoping and searching for that elusive hug of life. Dreams and their feelings searching for a wake-up kiss.

Lessons learnt to love and to know that love comes with pain, and to continue to love. And to keep loving. Different thoughts playing musical chairs trying to gain a hold on the heart, teaching the hard way to sit back and wait if you don’t get what you want, because better things are waiting and the best things take time. The ease with which simple inadequacies of our living inundate us, only to realize to do things we would otherwise not have done, simply because they have to be eventually done anyway.

We complain about complexity, about shades of gray but we often take refuge in these things. Complexity offers refuge from choice and thus action. In many situations, most of us would prefer to do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. How often we keep searching for that Perfect Life we always dream about. Perfect – with a Capital P. Sometimes in life, superlatives don’t matter. Just good is good enough. A no frills, no fancies, plain and simple – good. Good is beautiful! Good is great! Good is perfect!

The mind continues to wander. Memories act as intermittent oasis in its long walk through the desert of life searching for its own identity. The ‘I am’ is certain. The ‘I am this’ is not. Guided by the pleasant stopovers of nostalgic memories, the mind wanders, searching through the dry stretches of the present, in a quiet joyous expectation of good.

Prabat! The Dawn, is not far. But there is distance to be traveled. There is work to be done. There is sweat to be lost. There will be a stumble here and there. But it stumbles only because its on the move. The mind continues to wander. Still in search of… Shubh Prabaatam!

And that accounts for one year. Now, I just have the rest of my life to go.


10 Responses to “One year. The search continues.”

  1. 1 Krishna Kumar

    First of all i would like to congratulate you on completing one full year of sharing your wonderful and inspiring thoughts with all of us. I always felt that you write from deep within your heart, and this article of yours is no different. May you keep us enlightened with your thoughts for years and years to come. Wish you all success.

  2. Happy Birthday :)

    Kish write some more .. more more

    i demand more, you know i'm greedy never satisfied am I :)

  3. MMHROTD—Many More Happy Returns of the Day.

    Of a few posts which I read in Prabat, this seems to be the one write-to-express kind of post… . Well, I didnt mean that others are to impress by the way. BUt, it seems that quite a few readers are impressed by ur posts. Goodie!!!

    May be, by being a technical writer I might have been conditioned to look at things from the "easy to read and write" perspective. Nevertheless, I do appreciate creative writing and I too write sense sometimes.

    Perfectionism: I somewhere read that perfection is god's job. Excellence is what we can head towards.

    So, weed out your worries! Enjoy ur Prabat! ok. Take care.

  4. Congrats! Best wishes! Every Dawan signifies the first day of the rest of our life. Is it not?

  5. boyy ur writing is too creative! wish i cud write such hi fundoo stuff! :D
    happy one year! may we have many more such!

    and…thanks for mentioning my name in the post :p linking it wud've been bettter ;o)

  6. Yes, Moments like this always ge tus intoa reflective mood about what we set about to do and how much of it has actually been realised. Well written.
    Looking forward to a bright and beautiful prabat in this second year too..

  7. When one considers the various spheres of personal life-work, family, health, hobbies, social affilations etc etc, one has to realize that one cannot be perfect in all and priorities would change as you go through life. Perfect life in all spheres is simply not possible.

  8. "Good is beautiful! Good is great!Good is perfect!" is good and it is great and it is perfect :)

    Congratulations on the completion of 1 year!!!

  9. 9 Anonymous

    Will you ever post simple, easy to read, understand posts for morons like me?

  10. i agree with anon :)

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