Lean on Love


Remember the first time your eyes fell upon that person, with a tiny tingle in your nerves and that smile which never shows up on your face even though you are all smiles and giggles inside. Or that little bit of animated talking to yourself, trying to visualize that person with naughty bits of assumptions and sneaky ideas to stamp your impressions. Welcome to the first prick of Love!

Thoughts are often deceptive. Trying to decipher our own thinking becomes an experiment in itself. But there are certain thoughts and feelings that stem from a deeply rooted emotion. Something beyond the comprehension of a human vocabulary. Something that is subjective and strange, but lucid and serene. Something not visible to eyes, but is there all over you. Something which suddenly adds a new meaning to the whiff of wind blowing over your face. Something which made you today, what you were not yesterday. Something which you knew never existed, until you came face-to-face with it.

And with some new feels, you begin to have some new needs. A need to lie helplessly in someone’s arms, a need to relish the grace glowing out of someone’s face, a need to smile and a need to see a smile on someone’s face, a need to shed a tear of affection, a need for reinstatement of an ever-present someone near you, and a bittersweet need to hear someone say “I miss you”, a need to keep speaking those words which would never be actually spoken.

Well, it’s an elementary truth, that our life and our happiness and that of those connected with us, do depend on our understanding the rules of a game infinitely more difficult and complicated than a game of cricket. The world is a complex spaghetti of invisible connections. Certain feelings do not lend themselves to conversational descriptions. Amorphous and inexplicable in their own subtle ways and rooted so deeply that they remain as recurrent oases all through the trails of your voyage through life. They are not a periodic feel that engulfs you in a certain age and fades away with the grinding routines of life, but they become one of those feels that you carry through all of your life. A self-preserved emotional shelter that offers you refuge in your future times of need.

A day for this emotion. A day to celebrate those feelings that lie beyond reasoning. A day to enjoy an excitement. A day to bow to a heavenly bliss. A day to introspect what those invisible connections lead us to. A day to redefine what we are. A day to define what we would be. Happy Valentine’s day!

And as they say, Love takes you by the tip of your hair and shakes the hell out of you. And eventually, makes you a new person altogether.


8 Responses to “Lean on Love”

  1. 1 Revathi

    WOW!! Iam spellbound… You write so beautifully, Kishore.

  2. "Love takes you by the tip of your hair and shakes the hell out of you. And eventually, makes you a new person altogether."

    Happy Valentines Kish :)

    … words always bowl me over and you do it soo well. This day may very well be over rated but like any other special day its just another reminder or even opportunity to celebrate love.

  3. 3 sophie

    hi kishore
    happy valentines day…

  4. 4 Chaitra

    Hi stupid..
    This is the was one of your best blog entries :)

  5. the bittersweet need to hear someone say,"I miss you"

    wah wah wah!!!!

  6. True, Love brings out all that is best in us.
    Wish you the very best in love n life.

  7. Love like every good things in life needs to be nurtured. It gets better with it.

  8. Its the middle of the year, but what the heck. Happy Valentines day to you too.

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