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I was having breakfast and they gave me something called oopuma. Whatever it was, I liked it… I accidentally put my hand in that and I heard its actually ok to use your hand in some parts of the country. – Bill Gates on South Indian food, in conversation with Shiela Gulati No bags. No […]

Some stories are appreciated for their suspense and thrill. Some for their surprising climaxes. And some for their emotional feel. Shalimar the clown doesn’t fall into any of these. The distinctness about Salman Rushdie’s latest novel is that, it’s a story narrated by the intricate tussles between the emotions carried in the heart and the […]

“Comprehension is not a requisite for cooperation, and hence for action.” But I couldn’t stop wondering how the mind manages to form exquisite references to what it needs to absorb even amidst rumbles of obscure images zigzagging within themselves. I started the picture on the right as a couple of tiny circles drawn to make […]