Tag time…


I'm tagged by San.

Seven things that I plan to do

1. Be a good boy
2. Wake up before noon on a weekend
3. Overoad my blog with a lot of posts
4. Drink one more round of cappuccino everyday
5. Find out why this world got created
6. Stop planning!!
7. Be a good boy

Seven things that I can do

1. Sleep all day long
2. Reply to every mail in my inbox
3. Sit and stare at the monitor
4. Appear extremely attentive in official meetings
5. Blah blah blah about anything
6. Wonder why I’m doing it, and still do it
7. Wonder why I’m doing it, and still do it, and wonder why I wondered

Seven things I can’t

1. Sneeze keeping my eyes open
2. Skip coffee in the morning
3. Stop blogging at work
4. Stop Yahoo-ing at work
5. Close Outlook and gmail at work
6. Keep my mouth shut
7. Wait until eating-time for gobbling something

Seven things I say most often

1. Hmm
2. O.h… M.y… G.o.d… (as in f.r.i.e.n.d.s)
3. Scooby doo where are you
4. What the heck
5. Oh! Boy!
6. You know what
7. Done

Seven people I want to tag

Everyone in My neighborhood.


2 Responses to “Tag time…”

  1. >>Blah blah blah about anything

    that doesn't surprise me :) but i blah blah blah more then you :p

    >>Keep my mouth shut

    chi, one of these day's you'll end up with a fly in you're mouth :p

    thanks for playing the game :)

  2. Sneeze keeping my eyes open" :))
    hahahahahaha,Goodone da Kishore:)

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