i’m on print!!


And this is what yours truly feels about blogging!!
Check out the article online here.

Times of india (Bangalore times) – Saturday, November 05, 2005


6 Responses to “i’m on print!!”

  1. :) didnt know ur surname!

  2. :)

    ur famous … autograph pls :p

  3. 3 Jahnvi

    Hey Kishore,

    Thats cool, will link to this in my blog if you dont mind.

    No posts for a long time, busy?

  4. 4 Kishore

    @shub: now u know :)
    @san: come to india ;)
    @J: sure J.. expect a lot of posts soon.. ;)

  5. 5 sophie

    party time da…treat… ;)

  6. In fact I saw the article and went through it in my office (TOI) before it reached the public. But I somehow missed your posting on it until today and didn't know it was THIS Kishore! I am not just a journalist-blogger but also a keen follower of this emerging mass communication medium.

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