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I think that it just might be possible that some of God’s secrets, Binyamin, some of them are supposed to remain secret. – Rabbi Aharon Handalman to his disciple Binyamin (Dante’s Equation by Jane Jensen) How do you feel when the love of your life smiles straight into your eyes? Walk into a meditation hall, […]

I walked into the cafeteria, into perceptible mood swings of a typical weekend eve, noisy rattling of plates and spoons, people seated in groups with animated discussions and naive gossips doing rounds. A plate of Bhel puri in hand and I walked across to the other end of the cafeteria to join my little group […]

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I'm tagged by San. Seven things that I plan to do 1. Be a good boy 2. Wake up before noon on a weekend 3. Overoad my blog with a lot of posts 4. Drink one more round of cappuccino everyday 5. Find out why this world got created 6. Stop planning!! 7. Be a […]

And this is what yours truly feels about blogging!! Check out the article online here. Times of india (Bangalore times) – Saturday, November 05, 2005