What is it… that you really believe in?


An explanation to Reshma's What is it…

Call it déjà vu or coincidences. There are those unseen cosmic ropes that tie you into an aura of sensitive bonds. Our life is controlled more by these invisible forces than the visible tangible ones.

Or rather, it is the invisible ones that create the tangible ones. You are able to write because you think. You chase your thoughts and that pours out as words. But have you tried to "see" your thoughts. It's the result of thought – the words – that is tangible. Have you cried because you were sad? So, what made you sad? Did you "see" your sadness? But what you did see is the morose kinesics of becoming sad – the tangible result of an unseen force!!

It's a simple theory of cause and effect. You always chase the unseen ones and the visible ones just happen as a result. Well, you don't even need to chase them. They'll be with you until you are alive, irrespective of whether you chase it or shun it.

These unseen drivers are right here around us in the most trivial of things. Every word you speak is a result of such a drive. You say something because you believe in it. We see something and believe it be that thing. Belief. We hear a voice and identify it to be someone's. Belief. We smell and think it smells good. Smell. Belief. You decide to have Gobi manchurian on your next meal. You like it. Like. The overwhelming sense of emotions that engulfs you when you see your newborn baby. Love. The very fact that you are living. Life. We know we are living because we move, we breathe, we talk, we eat. But have you actually "seen" Life?

That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives and our future. Imagination is composed of visions and inferences from our perceptions about love, truth, justice or any emotion you encounter. They form discrete invisible connections in our subconscious that give rise to our belief-system. These invisible connections form a wholesome figure that rules over us as our ego and attitudes. And all of this in turn shape our living.

Its not in believing what is visible and defined but belief in these unseen connections that gives you a direction to move. The unseen connections are nothing but a superimposition of your perceptions from tangibility. They are you!

They discipline your thinking, moderate your actions, an element of fear, an element of anxiety, an element of hope, an element of joy, an element of purpose, a reason to take the next step, a reason to talk the next word, a reason to pull the next breath, a reason to feel belonged, a reason to smile, a reason to cry, a reason to hug, a reason to greet, a reason to realize what you are, a reason to understand who you are, a reason to live.

Its not in the choice of choosing to go the way of believing these invisible connections or not, but life thrives on invisible connections.

The most obvious is the most oblivious. That is the beauty of life.


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