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San has tagged me to write a story in 55 words or less. Here goes.. He gave her everything. A colossal hilltop villa with a swanky porch and Picasso / Da Vinci / Ravi Verma adorned walls, platinum pendants, the finest mink coat, the classiest breed of a pom as pet, and life term membership […]

An explanation to Reshma's What is it… Call it déjà vu or coincidences. There are those unseen cosmic ropes that tie you into an aura of sensitive bonds. Our life is controlled more by these invisible forces than the visible tangible ones. Or rather, it is the invisible ones that create the tangible ones. You […]

Soft, sticky, warm, calm. Alone but loneliness unknown. Active yet unseen. An identity descended as relationships started brewing. A first pang of pain, wet with what I would later learn as a tear, a blinding brightness, a shaken repose as I dragged out of my perpetual comfort into an expanse hitherto unimagined – my first […]

It was a long longing wait. A wait, for reasons more than many. When every morning meant a wait for the evening and every evening meant a promise – a promise to be, and with the fading twilight, began the wait for another morning. As minutes ticked past giving way to the hours, the brightness […]