goodness of the not good


How do you know you are having a headache?

Because you are holding your head? Because you just shouted at your spouse for no reason? Or is it simply because you are not feeling good? Well, then how do you know you are not feeling good?

Imagine how the world would look like, if one fine morning everyone were to turn good. People are contented with what they have, all people have enough for themselves, no prejudices, no greed, no lust, no one wants to be dishonest, no one pokes nose into others affairs, every one respects the other, everyone works hard to earn, everyone is tolerant to others, women are understood.

Wouldn’t that be a perfect world! The ideal place for mankind! Well, think again.

No one needed to regulate others, no desire for more and hence no competition, no motivation to become better, no boost to personal growth, no intellectual growth, stunted thinking, simplistic attitudes, convoluted behavior and the predictable eventuality – struggle for survival! And we are back to square one! And mankind begins to degenerate until it comes to a rusty screeching halt.

More often than not, the essence of goodness is realized only by realizing its opposite. It needs a sadness to teach the lessons of being happy. Life thrives on scaffolds of the oxymoronic twins of the being and the not being. What is, is understood by what is not.

You appreciate rainbow because you know grayscale. You know you are happy, because you know sadness. You know you are full, because you know hunger. You know joy, because you have felt pain. You perceive the presence because you have felt an absence. You understand yourself by understanding what you are not. You know you are having a headache because, you know how it feels not to have a headache.

The world is balanced by a receptively intricate tight-rope clutched between the perpetual pillars of the good and the not good, and a mismatch at either side, rattles the fragile poise of nature. It is the parallel co-existence of the good and the not good that maintains this balance.

So, the next time you are having a not so good time, remember to be thankful. For, you are learning some hard lessons the easier way.


One Response to “goodness of the not good”

  1. Agree totally. it is the absence of a good thing that makes us appreciate its value.

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