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How do you know you are having a headache? Because you are holding your head? Because you just shouted at your spouse for no reason? Or is it simply because you are not feeling good? Well, then how do you know you are not feeling good? Imagine how the world would look like, if one […]

1857. Barrackpore. Four messengers on an elephant back beside the banks of a bright sunlit river singing praises of the land, inspiring people to rise from their slumber, to admire the scrambled beauty that the medieval age was all about. Well, atleast that was the idea. In historical epics like Mangal Pandey, where one is […]

mogha mull


Just finished reading Sujatha’s essay velinaattu mogham konda ilaignargalukku… Thanks to Lazy Geek for sharing it with me. One of my distant relatives once asked me where I work. When I told him, he asked ‘And how are your chances of going abroad?’. Give me a break! The irresistible craving for sophistication and man’s eternal […]