I look around
and I pause to see
a tear escape
beneath my bloated eye

My heart skips a beat
as thoughts flutter past
Squeaking stories
of days together

    of days bathing in sun
    and wiping its sweetened smear
    of whispered words
    and the smiles they evoked
    of sensuous strokes
    and their pleasant viles
    of serene silence
    and its inexplicable harmony
    of eternal dreams
    and its sleepless bliss
    of tender tears
    and the soothing hug
    of melancholic voices
    and its divine warmth
    of adoring stares
    and its timeless peace

My heart skips another beat
as a speck of hope flutters past
promising a new fable
of together and forever…

I look around
wiping tears of denial
Praying for the promise
and waiting for your arrival…


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