Anbe aaruyire…


Naam iruvarum serum samayam
nam kaigalile varum imayam
Naam thottadhu edhuvum amaiyum
idhu anbaal inaindha idhayam
idhu anbaal inaindha idhayam
En anbe.. aaruyire…
en anbe aaruyir neeye
En anbe.. aaruyire…
en anbe aaruyir neeye

[The mighty Himalayas shall be in our hands
the moment we unite
Every fortune shall be with us
For, this is our bond united by love

Oh my dear, my love
Oh my dear, you are my love]

AR Rahman drops a tranquilizer! I’ve been listening to this song from the movie Ah Aah around 50 times already since yesterday. And still counting.

The song begins with a mild melancholic hum Ah Aah… and a low rhythmic beat begins to accompany the hum, slowly giving way to another mild jazz-like metrical blend and the maestro’s heavenly voice carries you to a different world altogether.

The second part of the pallavi, Naam iruvarum… begins with a slightly higher intonation and gradually degenerates into a low tone mixing with the one-man chorus 'En anbe.. aaruyire…' all the while accompanied by the subtle low-grunting rhythm that persists throughout the song.

Rahman’s rendering of the chorus 'En anbe.. aaruyire…' is absolutely astounding! Spellbinding emotions radiate from his mesmerizing voice while he sings out these lines making one feel like going down on his knees, stretching out his arms wide and crying out the lines to his dear with overwhelming tears of ecstasy. And that’s precisely how I’m feeling now!

The bliss of solitude!!


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