The Snowqualmine falls


That’s the Snowqualmine falls at the outskirts of the city. I had been there with my roomies this past Sunday. Another wonderful sight of nature. Flanked by a large number of rocks, the tumbling water splashing on them. The droplets channeled by a pleasant whizzing breeze carriying themselves onto our faces rendering a much needed relief from the scorching sun. Yes, the sun scorches in this country too.

It was a cute sight watching a lot of kids play around in the gushing stream of water, drenching themselves all over and their parents shouting them to stay clear of the water or not to go far deep. Parents are the same anywhere in the world, aren’t they! Just beside me a chuweet little boy said to his sister ‘Hey just step on that stone, and then on this, and here, and then jump right here’. For a second I wondered ‘wow, this kid speaks good English’, and in the next fraction I realized that’s his mother tongue. Hmm.. I must remind myself where I am.

Joyous faces all around. A few Indian too. I could see some young Indian couples easing themselves on the rocks. And at a far end of the jumble of rocks and water, far from the tumbling falls and the gushing water, where a few rocks seemed to make what looked like a tiny cave, sat an African-American. He was not admiring the beauty of the falls, neither was he looking at the water gushing past the rocks. Lost in a world of himself.

He was the only black in that place.


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