why are they like this?


Some things I have been noticing since the moment I reached this country.

Invariably, all shopkeepers are always smiling and talking very enthusiastically.
If you are crossing a road and a car is just on your way, the car stops and the driver smiles and nods you to proceed crossing and resumes patiently after you have crossed.
The apartment janitor walks around wishing ‘good morning’ to every stranger who walks by.
When my office shuttle takes me around, the driver always ends with a vociferous, ‘have a good day’ and a large smile.
There is always an air of enthusiasm on most people.

I was wondering why does every person, irrespective of his role or work always looks enthusiastic. Don’t they have any worries? Don’t they ever get sad or moody about something? Don’t they worry about their sick spouse or kid? Don’t they ever miss their dear ones? Are they so professional that they forget the home, family, worries the moment they step into their work? Don't they look forward to a friend or a dear one to comfort them in times of need?

Are they much less emotional than us about things they do? Are they so much self-sufficient irrespective of their work that there are not many things that worry them? Are they not so much fond of family values as us? Are they just filthy rich that they don’t care the heck about anything? Is their higher and sophisticated standards of living anything to do with it?

Another point, a lot of men, seem to have a coarse voice with sounds seeming to emanate from the bottom of their throats. Have noticed this with people from other countries (other than Asia) too. Is it because of the relatively colder weather conditions that the voice chords get manipulated to be coarse?

Any answers?


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