when emotions play


Expectation. Promise. Longing. Optimism.
Anticipation. Fear. Despair. Hope.

A tiny time-bomb of emotions ticking past every second. Thoughts ripping between extremes of glee and panic. Feelings dangling down on a loose rope, held only by a perpetual knot of hope.

Rationality too seems to be having its limits. Strength of a rational intellect can only go so far, and at some point emotional encumbrance takes its toll.

Days when you begin to crave for the feel of that affectionate stroke on your forehead
When you begin to feel the absence of that heavenly warmth embracing you
When your heart becomes the epicenter of your trembling body
Shuddering thoughts and shivering reactions
When the bliss of a recent past and its harder eventuality deviously encircling your head
When it seems like nine planets playing musical chairs trying to gain a hold on your thinking
When there is a vibrant crowd around you, and you badly need some solitude
Solitude might seem your only friend, but that is the last thing you need now.

At times, face and kinesics are hardly an index of internal turmoil.

Some emotions can’t just be expressed.


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