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There are times when our seemingly trivial weary routines amid the grinding of everyday life suddenly begin to appear incredibly priceless. After an extremely tiring and stress filled week-long night-out at work, go home early, have a good dinner, and in the warm silence of home, stand next to your bed. Pause, and gaze at […]



I look around and I pause to see a tear escape beneath my bloated eye My heart skips a beat as thoughts flutter past Squeaking stories of days together of days bathing in sun and wiping its sweetened smear of whispered words and the smiles they evoked of sensuous strokes and their pleasant viles of […]

Naam iruvarum serum samayam nam kaigalile varum imayam Naam thottadhu edhuvum amaiyum idhu anbaal inaindha idhayam idhu anbaal inaindha idhayamEn anbe.. aaruyire… en anbe aaruyir neeye En anbe.. aaruyire… en anbe aaruyir neeye [The mighty Himalayas shall be in our hands the moment we unite Every fortune shall be with us For, this is our […]

9.30AM. Monday. I step into a rather small carper-stretch room. A long queue. I am given a token and asked to wait. Number 168. And I patiently wait for the red display screen on top of the hall showing the counter number to show up my number. No respite. The display is dangling on 154. […]

That’s the Snowqualmine falls at the outskirts of the city. I had been there with my roomies this past Sunday. Another wonderful sight of nature. Flanked by a large number of rocks, the tumbling water splashing on them. The droplets channeled by a pleasant whizzing breeze carriying themselves onto our faces rendering a much needed […]

Some things I have been noticing since the moment I reached this country. Invariably, all shopkeepers are always smiling and talking very enthusiastically. If you are crossing a road and a car is just on your way, the car stops and the driver smiles and nods you to proceed crossing and resumes patiently after you […]

Expectation. Promise. Longing. Optimism. Anticipation. Fear. Despair. Hope. A tiny time-bomb of emotions ticking past every second. Thoughts ripping between extremes of glee and panic. Feelings dangling down on a loose rope, held only by a perpetual knot of hope. Rationality too seems to be having its limits. Strength of a rational intellect can only […]