the parable of reminiscence


First month at school
Daaadddyyyyyy… mooommmyyyyyy…

First month at college
Boy! College!! These films say so much about the wonders of college life, but I’m feeling all lost. People are not like the ones in school. They were so friendly there. Here people mind their own business. No one gives a heck to you. Those good old schools days.. I’ll never get them back. God, where is life taking me?

First month at Post-Grad
Man! This is hard! This new city, new surroundings, new people, nothing looks like mine. Staying away from home, none of my best chums around me. Wish I could go back to my graduation days. I felt so much at home then.

First month working
I just feel like I could rewind my life back to my college days. Especially the post-grad ones. Life was so much full of bliss. None of these rampant thoughts and difficult commitments, no worries about family and finances. I was on my own for good. Student life sure is the best time of life.

3 years later
I can never forget my training days when I joined here. It was so much fun. You know, we were raring to finish it off and get assigned to projects. If only I knew what ‘projects’ were all about then. Now I know. Hmm.. those training days will always linger in my memory.

6 more years later
When I was a bachelor I never stayed home in the weekends. Just went roaming around with friends, going to movies and hanging out somewhere. But all of us seemed to have become busy with our own lives now. Been a while I’ve met any of them. Wonder how they are all doing in their post-marriage life. er.. you were talking to me dear?

10 more years later
Sigh! Those were some days. Me and her. And we had all the time in the world for ourselves. Affectionate teasing, naughty smiles and tender nudges all day long, and when our biggest problem was deciding where to go for dinner.

Crib of today, is nostalgia tomorrow.


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  1. You drive the point across so very well re.

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