second thoughts…


Treading through the sometimes erratic, sometimes somber, sometime cheery, sometimes weepy paths of life, the ups and downs are the play of the day. There are a few moments that drown you into tears. A few moments that put you on cloud nine. A few moments when you feel the past was so good. A few moments when you feel the past has let you down like nothing else. A few moments when the future appears bleak. A few moments when the future looks promising.

We sometimes squeeze everything out, through words or tears. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we suppress, fearing what our dear ones would feel if we start crying. We all wear such masks. From the time past infancy, we have learnt to conceal our real feelings, and to cover up our fears.

The day of reckoning always comes, when everything you’ve tried to repress roars up with all its might in the middle of the road for a rendezvous with you. Whatever you bury deepest in your heart is always waiting for the moment of greatest stress to explode to the surface. At the periphery of existence, the unwalked road of life gets stretched tangentially to infinity, to be reflected upon only in sadness, frustration and regret.

On second thoughts,
Life is simple. The more complicated you believe your life is, the less you know of your true condition. You are hungry or you are full. You are healthy or you are sick. You are true or you lie. You are awake or you are asleep. You are laughing or you are crying. You are alive or you are dead.

We complain about complexity, about shades of gray but we often take refuge in these things. Complexity offers refuge from choice and thus action. In many situations, most of us would prefer to do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. Rather than wrangling ourselves inside strands of a complicated spaghetti of arduous thinking and grueling emotions, we might as well taste one strand of the noodle at a time. Believe me, it tastes awesome.

Life is simple. One strand at a time and that relished well… No point conducting a symphony with musicians who hate each other.

(talking of musicians, Kadri Gopalnath’s sax is singing ecstatic tunes into my ears right now)


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