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A few days back I was in Coimbatore for a friend’s marriage. We had to pick another friend of ours from the airport and get to the marriage hall in a cab. Once he arrived, we got into the cab and minutes later were speeding across the heart of the city on what would be […]

First month at school Daaadddyyyyyy… mooommmyyyyyy… First month at college Boy! College!! These films say so much about the wonders of college life, but I’m feeling all lost. People are not like the ones in school. They were so friendly there. Here people mind their own business. No one gives a heck to you. Those […]

sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vrajah aham tvah sarva papebhyo mokshayisyami ma suchah [Abandon all your dharma and surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful deeds. Do not fear.] If you have missed, that is what the Anniyan says everytime he goes about doing his stuff. The verses are from The […]

Treading through the sometimes erratic, sometimes somber, sometime cheery, sometimes weepy paths of life, the ups and downs are the play of the day. There are a few moments that drown you into tears. A few moments that put you on cloud nine. A few moments when you feel the past was so good. A […]

I wake into the emptiness of thoughts into a vacuum longing to be filled. Winter falls into the blossom field an eerie stillness hums dew frozen on snow clad leaves a chill wind whistles as I lay cuddling looking up to the barren sky pondering on the sunny days echoing the summer’s peace. The sublime […]

I had my own large fortress. The rules were mine. I drew them from the world where I felt it made sense. If they didn’t, I made my own. There are a few things I have very strong opinions about. Principles that I would not forego even in the face of the worst. Beliefs that […]