a hard day’s work


We had to get it going to make it happen. Neither the former seemed going or the latter happening. Immeasurable calories of energy went adrift for the sake of survival. Only that, in this case, there was no fittest. The neurons in the mind aligned themselves attracted to the oppositely charged anonymous particles that got developed because of the intense roasting of the brain as a result of extreme subjection to thinking. The neurons got neutralized. And our minds stopped working.

But a mind that doesn't work is no excuse for not getting things going. Try writing code after you have clicked on 'shutdown'. Its as simple as that. Sometimes the inevitable is inevitable. And that will always be aided by Murphy's laws. It requires you to code as though your code is going to be maintained by a maniac serial killer on the prowl, who always gets to know where you live. But not when your neurons have been neutralized, shutting down most of your brain's faculties just because it did a little too much of what its supposed to do – think.

But persist we did. Four people lost in the delusions of thoughts, with minds that were hardly responding to external stimuli, every other minute a thought which seemed to land us right on the head of the solution, but the next second ripped us far apart from the realms of reachability. It was always somewhere there. Almost there. But never within reach. The moment we thought we had the answer, next moment it went bungee jumping deep down into the ravine forgetting all lessons about tying the rope to the hip.

We left for the day in that state. Every face blinking out the nine planets of the solar system. Only to start afresh from scratch this morning. First thing after we came in, we made ourselves comfortable and subjected our mind to the same exercise we did the previous day. This time, we concentrated. A bit more.

Two hours later. Eureka!! The solution never looked so obvious anytime before. God! How in the seven heavens did we miss out picking up such small points. And not one of us had taken note of that yesterday. The neurons were back into action. The brain had successfully rebooted.

The desktop never looked as beautiful before. This night it will rain.


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