The Bangalore Bloggers meet


The Sunday evening was more beautiful than ever. The Bangalore Bloggers meet saw 19 interesting people make out for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I am loving it. Each one interesting in their own distinct ways. Here’s a few things about some of them.

Anitha. Surprise! The godmother of Bangalore bloggers works in the same company as me. Surprise two! She’s in HR. Hmm.. now I know whom to catch for my next salary hike. ::wink::

Kirubs. The marathon man! Came all the way from Chennai for the run and the meet. A guy with a lot of energy (just like his blogs), despite the fact that he’s married. When I get married, I’ll appoint him as my coach.

I particularly had a memorable time with Prabu, Shub, Muthu and Krishna.

Prabu. He fiddles around with excel, word and outlook and gets paid for that. Guess his designation! ::grin:: A chirpy guy who gave me enough company nagging and making fun of people around us. More like the my-kinda-guy kind of guy.

Shub. Just like her blog! Ate as many rounds as the number of times the word 'eating' appears in the bottom of her blog. We nicknamed her Thillalangadi. Thillalangadi Shub. ha..ha.. Ask her why! And she says I look like a Bengali!! Shooob beti, apne fellow Tam-Brahm ke saath aise nahin karte. And a chamathu payyan at that. ::wink:: She lost one-fourth of her masala tea. Thanks to me.

Krishna. Has a nerdish look. Not all that nerd though, but for 5 years of blogging and a lot of techie blogs to go with that. Despite this, has a lot of fun within him. He too joined Shub's party in telling I look like a Bengali. But what I don't get is, why 'Bengali' in particular. Is there a special identity to it? A special mole or something? But I don't have any special moles.

Muthu. The poor guy! He lost most of his orange juice. Thanks to me. Gave me a good company nagging people with some typically typical slangs. And in the end, he was so happy that he plans to take us all on an all-expenses-paid trekking trip for our next blog meet. Eh, Muthu? So nice of you!! ::grin::

Sigh! And then we all left home. Guess it doesn’t require another blogger’s meet to meet all you people. Hope to catch you all sometime soon. Keep in touch folks!

Here’s to all the bloggers and their blogs.. ::clink::


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