Ahale kalam aajao fithur mein thumko bulayey ahalullah
Zikr se badke nahin amal koi hai farma yey rasul allah
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Har gul mein har bu mein
Har shay mein noor ullah
Har dhil mein har pal mein
Rahe zikrein illallah
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Zikr hai behther nafrath se
Zikr hai behther gaflath se
Zikr hai behther hujjath se
Zikr hai behther gaevath se

Where words fail, music speaks.

I’ve listened to the song atleast 20 times since yesterday. And still counting.

AR Rahman’s voice is heavenly. With mild strings playing in the background, the stunning blend of Rahman’s voice with the melancholic waves of every decibel nudging rhythmically to an astounding frequency of Sufi orchestra is dancing on my nerves like nothing before.

The slow melody transforms into a percussion filled chanting of Allah’s name asking for forgiveness and peace. Closing my eyes and listening to the composition only sends me into an ecstatic trance. The culmination of a euphoric harmony!

Yeh jo des hai tera from Swades and Zikr from Bose – momentarily immortalizing the mortal spirits!

It is said, most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us. Let such heavenly music stir the pent up music within us.

Have a nice weekend..!!


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