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We had to get it going to make it happen. Neither the former seemed going or the latter happening. Immeasurable calories of energy went adrift for the sake of survival. Only that, in this case, there was no fittest. The neurons in the mind aligned themselves attracted to the oppositely charged anonymous particles that got […]



That 23 year old FEMALE (notice the upper case) software engineer in Bangalore, who’s idea of a fabulous saturday night is curling up with a good book to read, also known as Shub, is making me pay. You still haven’t forgotten the masala tea, eh Shub? Here goes… THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: Kishore – […]

I swept myself adrift, wearily enjoying the gifts of providence. The flow of stream was smooth as ever. A minor jerk here and there, but the flow never curtailed. My energies, bolstered by the ever-prolonging freshness of the brook of life never ceased to swell. Pleasure remained my middle name. I swept myself adrift, wearily […]

…continued from previous post The morning breeze flew into the window and sang a melancholy to the drowsy ears She walked ahead through spotless sunlight searching the park for her lost pieces. Filtering her mind from the pains of prudence Clearing her paths weeding out her agony Cleansing herself with episodes from past Furnishing her […]

the moron…


The clogging ventricles pant for something fresh A gasping choke searching for a breath Fatigue and immobile a heart heavy and gaining weight. As the past narrates itself hasty and harsh in a drowsy sermon. Perplexed thoughts perplexingly simple and profoundly unkind. Spilt words forgotten for long dance in the dim eye. Flawed deeds reflecting […]

All we fellas The four musketeers The blog godmother with a section of her disciples The Marathon man (my future coach) And this is where it all happened

The Sunday evening was more beautiful than ever. The Bangalore Bloggers meet saw 19 interesting people make out for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I am loving it. Each one interesting in their own distinct ways. Here’s a few things about some of them. Anitha. Surprise! The godmother of Bangalore bloggers works in the same company […]