spirituality and the youngsters


What did you think of that title? Did you give out a sarcastic chuckle? Or you felt it too relevant?

During an evening of the past weekend I accompanied my mom to a Bhagavad Gita discourse. It was very good. Liked it. But there was something more than the talk that I particularly liked. The audience!

I had been to quite a few such talks with my mom and dad during the days we were residing in Chennai (good old days, Sigh!). They did attract large audiences, but on whatever I could remember from those days, this audience was unique. There were so many youngsters attending it! Add to that, a lot of young couples!! I’m sure they had many more exciting ways to spend the weekend evening rather than soak themselves with philosophical deliberations. But this also seemed as exciting a proposition!!

Nothing as much is lost with youngsters as some people may say. Rather I would say the present generation is only growing more tolerant and more knowledgeable. A real understanding towards appreciating conflicting ideas has risen. There are exceptions as there are everywhere, but the general line of trend in such aspects of the youth is only moving one direction – up!

They are not fashion engines who do not understand the value of money. They understand the need for spirituality as much as they understand the need for money. Spiritual workshops like ‘Art of living’ and the likes are brimming with youngsters. The discourse I attended was another standing example.

So, the next time your grandpa tells you ‘Gone are those days when we were such disciplined youngsters’ as though we have landed on this earth each taking a horse from the four men of the apocalypse, then do remember to chuckle ‘That’s what you think dear grandpa’.

Take rest! The world is certainly in safe hands!

There is some African saying – ‘No matter how long the log remains in the river, it doesn’t become a crocodile’.


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