understanding the science called woman


AP told me once, “It started off like just another calm good day. And suddenly I flare up at him for no reason!”

If you are a woman and if you are married, then you already might have guessed what AP was telling me about. If you are a man and if you are married, you are probably wondering why all women are like that. But what is this single young gentleman trying to do, attempting to write something he is unlikely to know much about. Well, it doesn’t require you to jump from atop the light-house to know you would break your limbs.

AP went on to say how her husband remains so cool despite all the rubbish she poured over him. Courtesy PMS. And I’ve seen myself how my mom struggled to cope with her menopausal distresses.

Now, am I a bad boy if I talk all this? Am I? Living is not just about understanding the likes and dislikes of your woman. But in understanding certain more intricate things, that directly impact our lives. Woman is a fascinating creation of God. Not just another living creature, but a bag of emotional and biological complexities, bundled meticulously into a startling weave of life. But, it is this very fascination that often results in a point of contention.

Think of the guys, who begin to wonder what happened to the kind cute girl of theirs that suddenly, one fine morning, makes her behave in ways she never was. And as suddenly as she did that, next morning, she begins to become her usual self again. Oh! These fickle women! They are always like this! A good alibi to hide your ignorance is to blame the victim.

It should be in the man to understand certain intricate things that a woman undergoes and give her side in times of need rather than beginning all the trash talking of ‘women’ being that way. And it certainly is not dirty to talk this! If you think, its not in the noble ancient Indian culture to talk out such things, then cut the crap! Indian culture is probably the most misunderstood term in the world. Often crucifying ourselves with a dire lack of proper understanding about our own culture.

Frankness and openness in such things only improves the understanding between men and women. What else do you hope for in a relationship? There is nothing to feel shy about it. These days, AP tells me, she marks the days in red in her calendar. And then, gears herself up to face the adventure. As for her husband, he knows what all the red markings in the calendar are all about! And he too gears up to face the adventure!!

And they lived happily ever after!


One Response to “understanding the science called woman”

  1. 1 Vidya

    Well written! I wonder how come nobody has commented on this !

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