The weekend and the going back


I had been to Hyderabad before. In 1991. As a 11 year old kiddie on his summer vacation. But the Charminar I saw on Saturday was nothing like I could recollect!

Saturday 9.30am. I walked out of the hotel and took an auto to IMax. 20 minutes later I was looking at the scrolling movie names and my choice was instant. Million Dollar Baby. Show time 1.45pm. Still long time to go. Came out, took an auto and made my way to Charminar, all the while peeping through either side of the auto not to miss any piece of monument that could attract a nomadic tourist that I was at the moment. As though searching for my lost girl friend in an unknown city. 40 minutes later I was having Veg Biryani in a hotel adjacent to Charminar and as my hand and mouth went busy, so did my eyes admiring the scrambled beauty of the medieval culture. I didn’t know what actually I was admiring, nevertheless I kept admiring something.

I went into a Darga next to it which seemd to be host to tombs of the Nizam family. I took a step in, only to realize I had to remove my shoes off. It was sticky hot outside, but the floor felt chill. It was no AC. It didn’t need one. And I was greeted by some 200 pigeons flocking all around. What a sight!

I went into Charminar and up the spiral staircases for an aerial view of the city. Felt the need of a digicam (I still don’t own one). It was h-o-t. When I came down I had a gulp of sugarcane juice and started to IMax for Million Dollar Baby. But not before I helped myself to a Veg grilled sandwich and a coke. And a mango slush and corn. And popcorn and coffee during the interval. The movie was good. Liked it. Reached my room late in the evening. It was raining!! Much to my relief!!

Come Sunday. The match was reason enough not to move out. The result was a disaster though.

The sessions at office went on well both on Friday and today. Hope I didn't put my audience to sleep. I’m 4 hours from starting my return journey. And thanks to the evening rains, it was a good weekend and a pleasant stay in Hyderabad. (Happy Neels? ::wide smile::)

And ya, my sore throat is fine now. But I’ve got fever.


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