Nostalgia and some realism

    Travel from Bangalore to Ooty and back… Rs.600
    Local sightseeing… Rs.500
    Shopping and merriment… Rs. 500
    An unforgettable weekend with friends… Priceless!

The past weekend was pretty damn amazing! Memorable to the core! Guys traveled across from Chennai, Bangalore and from other cities. We converged at Coimbatore and what followed was the time of my life. And yeah, the weather in Ooty was at its sexiest best!

It’s been 3 years since we completed college. And no one, I repeat, no one has changed even one bit. The same elements of wit, thoughts, feelings, passions, emotions, attitude, aspirations – nothing had changed. We had limitless fun and spent all of Saturday night talking about our college life, past, where life had been taking us, our hardships to get the stretch we have got and plans for the near and long future.

Post-college, each one had treaded their different paths. But no one had ever been out of touch with the other. Just goes on to reinforce that there is someone I could always count on. Keeping company between us in itself seemed to be helping us win half our battles in life. They are the primary source of my strength. And a lot of what I am today. The perpetual vent to let out my primitive passions and complicated emotions that huddle together in my mind like terrified wild beasts in the night.

I bathed myself in the rain of friendship. I want to be eternally soaked in its rampant stream. I need them to be around me. This inexhaustible source of my energy. This energy cannot be destroyed and neither can this source.

But, life has to move ahead for every one of us. Each one has his own responsibilities to be fulfilled, aspirations to be achieved. There would be times when one is not able to give enough time for his friends. Priorities begin taking roots. The late night bashes would be a thing of the past. At times, he can only watch helplessly as the vagaries of his life flush out all the wonderful time he spent with his friends. A rare meet, an occasional call and an eternal thought becomes his new way of partying with friends.

Today we have it all in us. Years later, we’ll continue to evolve, continue to go our own ways. All of us would be married. Have our families to look after. Responsibilities galore. We would no more be the free flowing, care free, laidback, all-this-world-is-ours kind of juvenile that we are today. But all the while, every beat deep down in our hearts, would continue to beat an equivocal percussion tuning the names of each of us. And that shall never cease. Atleast not until the heart stops its beats. We may not be together, but still remain together. Always.

    Woods are lovely dark and deep
    But I have promises to keep
    And miles to go before I sleep
    And miles to go before I sleep.


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