the rain dance



The winds wave an aura of artistic fragrance
The clouds clasp the hush of a serene sky
The dusts settle in the slickness of sand
The beauty of blue is no more
What is, is the glamour of gray.

A thumping splash
its my heart
already pumping to rhythmic tunes
Her speck of kiss dripping down my cheek
Oh me! And my heart sinks!
One would not do.

    My eyes tilt up
    barely open
    hardly seeing
    Her smear on my cheek lit the eyes
    Oh me! And my eyes sink!
    Two eyes would not do.

The fragrance tickle my nostril
longing for a whiff of new air
breathless I am
Her scent sedating my mind
Oh me! And my breath sinks!
A perfume would not do.

    The new air sings into my ears
    playing drums to metrical tunes
    music unheard of
    Her hum is buoyant enough
    Oh me! And I hear none other!
    A buzz would not do.

And then
There is more scent livening my heart
There is more air cleansing my lung
There is more song rhyming my ears
There is more smear soaking my face.

My adulthood melts
the baby in me rises
I smile to her viles
her smear all over me
I feel like God.

The heavens have opened up
and she falls all over me as she never did
drenching me with her tender arrows
I lay, my eyes closed
dissolving myself
This is heaven on earth.


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