With the customer – Day 2


9.30AM. T1, T2 and B had assembled. Surprisingly punctual, despite the overnight rains affecting the traffic in Hosur road. Some guys from each team had a separate discussion with B to finalize on some stuff. While the rest of us started where we left. I took care of the techie stuff, while the analysts bought in their business minds.

10.15. The guys had come back with the finalized stuff. Thankfully not much of our already done work was wasted. Because we had not done anything, having got stuck between business needs and technical feasibility. The search for this holy grail will eternally be futile. And then the usual confusions, discussions, brainstorming, eyestorming, handstroming, wordstorming, heartstorming – all of this stuff went in top gear.

12.45. I was feeling hungry. I looked at my watch. I knew why. It was lunch time. And I announced thinking people had forgotten all about that (they all looked that way). And somebody told India made 356 and Dhoni scored a big hundred. WOW!! My mind already got transferred itself to Vizag. Wish I could see the match live.. wish atleast I could sit at my desk and read the live commentary in cricinfo.

1.30. No one bothered how the Pakistan openers were fairing. I was expecting Afridi to dash. No one bothered. The talk was to close everything by 4.30 as the guys from B had their flight at 8. So, we drilled down the scope and tried to show only those things we were confident would work.

4.30. People had started flocking in. T2 and B and few other people. I had to show the Demo and handle the technical stuff. The presentation and Demo was mediocre. T2 didn’t fare any better. So we felt happy, we were not the only ones struggling after all. B gave good points to both presentations. We scored a bit high on the technical side and T2 scored on better UI. B were smart enough and took both the packages in their laptops. No result. No prizes.

The two days were spent in intense dissemination of ideas and was too much challenging. But it remains as one of most unforgettable interlude working with experts from other big companies and the customer face-to-face!

The tempest came. And the tempest went.
God is in the heaven and all is well with this little one’s world.
From tomorrow, I’m back to my usual work.


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